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A) Famous Reading Body Language series

B) Introductory and Basic

C) Dynamics and Potentials

D) Profession and Practice

E) Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Behavior 

F) Social Practices, Interaction and Etiquette

G) Gender specific

H) My findings and Miscellaneous
1) My career saving lie detection 2) Face of a liar(?) 3) My posture discovery 3) Asymmetrical Smile but not Contempt 4) Decoding entrance of The Undertaker 5) Nonverbal clues of chess players 6) Shivaji Maharaj: Superior in Nonverbal Communication 7) Self-communication by gesturing 8) Body Language of Self-lover 9) Turtle Effect: Body response under threat 10) It’s Written All Over You... 11) Cultural connection behind gesturing 12) Why exactly languages evolved?

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