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(this blogging website) always has been a great source of information, facts, images and insights for the people of this planet and also for "the outside visitors" who want to study the human race
(Home Sepiens Sepiens) through expressions, gestures, postures, body language and nonverbal communication.

I've been maintaining this entire website all by myself, since a very humble beginning in September 2010. Valuable inputs, clues, corrections and suggestions from my very close friends, family members and colleagues have helped this website to become well-known among many.
Articles from this site have been cited and referred in numerous on-line and print publications like thesis, journal articles, website articles, blog articles, e-books, newsletters, handbooks, slideshows and print books written in English and other languages. I personally thank to those writers and their publishers.
Moreover, two multi-lingual encyclopedia styled websites and have added article citation under their articles that have been published in almost 100 different international, continental and regional languages. I wholeheartedly thank to their founders, translators and publishing teams.

However, I don't completely agree with, adhere, confirm or validate the topic of article, title of article, its relevance, images, links, videos, entire text, kind of words, syntax and other references provided by respective authors, writers and bloggers to publish.

[Kind Note: Some of the below mentioned articles, blogs, papers, books, PDFs, newsletters, presentations and videos pointing back to (this site) might have been removed, deleted or purged after putting their web-addresses, links and URLs. Also, images used from this websites have been ignored.]

# Wikipedia:

1) First Impression: Evolutionary Basis (Removed at present, can be found in First Impression article.)
# YouTube:
1) Top 5 Alien Misconceptions: Why We Shouldn't Fear Aliens (Link:

# News(paper):

1) (An article published in Times of India - World's largest English Daily, same can be found re-published in Cultural connection behind gesturing.)

# Books:

# Citations (mentioning as reference):

A) Academic English Journal Articles, Papers, Projects, Blogs and Thesis:
01) (Article published in American Behavioral Scientist journal, written by a senior professor at Oregon State University)
02) (Article published in Journal of Societal and Cultural Research Journal, written by researchers from Grand Canyon University)
(Article Indian Dance as Form of Communication written by a researcher from Girne American University (Cyprus))
04) (Anglo-Arabic Doctoral Thesis written by a researcher from Sudan University of Science and Technology)
05) (Graduate Project on Redesigning Enterprise Chart by a student from National Institute of Design (India))
06) (Handbook about current professional English requirements throughout EU partner countries, funded by Erasmus+ and European Commission)
07)  (Pennsylvania State (PennState) University's blog article on Four Secrets of Body Language in a Successful Job Interview)

B) Other English Documents, Catalogs, E-Books and PDFs:

C) Other English Blog Articles, Websites, Presentations and Slide-Shows:
01) (Prezi Presentation: Body Language)
02) (Website cited on an Israeli website)
04) (Blog article Evolution of Nonverbal Emotion)
05) (Slideshare Presentation: Nonverbal communication slides)
06) (Article link embedded inside an article by world famous mentalist Chris Carter, USA)
07) (Re-posted article with citation on a Canadian website)
09) (Prezi Presentation: Seduction and Dating)
12) (United States Coastal Guard Auxiliary's newsletter)

D) Non-English Articles, Thesis and Papers:
01) (Spanish translation of article Why we Smile?)
02) (Bosnian student handbook on Career and Business Skills Development published by Singidunum University (Serbia))
04) (Spanish article on What is Proxemic Language? Main Features)
(Finnish article on Non-verbal communication stand for sale)
07) (Spanish article on Why we Smile?)
08) (Spanish article on Why we Smile?)
10) (Croatian article on NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION)
12) (Spanish article on Oprah Winfrey: The Art of Communicating)
14) (Portuguese article on What is Proxemic Language? Principle Characteristics)
15) (Portuguese article on Proxemic Language: Characteristics and Examples)

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