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>> Associations and Memberships:

1) Council Member - Human Behaviour Academy (Profile:

2) Founder of Nonverbal Analysts group at Human Behaviour Academy and Founder of Nonverbal Communication topic on

3) Accredited Researcher (India) - The International Micro Expressionists Association (Cape Town, South Africa) (

4) Volunteer, Representative and Supporter - Institute of Human Origins (Arizona State University) (Website:
>> In News(paper):

1) (An article published in Times of India - World's one of the largest English Dailies)

>> In Journal:

1) Fear - One of basic expressions

>> In Books:

>> Associates:

Fred Leland Jr. (Law, Security and Enforcement Consultant; United States), Janine Driver (Body Language Expert, United States), Craig James-Baxter (Lie Detection and Micro-expression Expert, United Kingdom), Stu Dunn (Behavior Analyst and Micro-expression Trainer, New Zealand), Robert Phipps (Body Language Expert, United Kingdom), Prof. Dr. Rafael Lopez (Nonverbal Communication Researcher and Educationist, Spain), Prof. Dr. Leow Chee Seng (Human Behavior Academy, UK), Patryk Wezowski (Body Language and Micro-expression Trainer, Belgium), Christopher Philip (Attraction, Dating and Courtship Body Language expert; Canada), Sinay Tarakanov (Body Language Enthusiast, Israel), Shivam Nemani (Body Language Researcher and Trainer, India), Dr. Mihaela Stroe (Body Language Researcher and Trainer, Romania), Bob Pointer (Retired Investigator and Body Language Trainer, United Kingdom)

>> Referral Links (Websites/blogs referring to, citing or mentioning about Nonverbal World):
(Note: We may be in agreement with content, images, kind of language and other references posted on below sites/blogs):

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17) (Article archived in Oregon State University's library and originally submitted to American Behavioral Scientist Journal)
18) (Article link embedded in a presentation)
19) (Work citation on a Romanian website)
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31) (An article link embedded on a Hebrew website)
32) (An article link embedded in United States Coastal Guard Auxiliary's newsletter)
33) (Article published in Journal of Societal and Cultural Research Journal, written by researchers from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix)

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