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Links (this site) always has been a great source of detail information and insights with images for people of this planet and also for 'the visitors' who want to study human race through our nonverbal communication and behavior.

Articles from this site have been cited and referred in numerous digital and print publications like research journals, websites articles, blog articles, e-books and print books written in English and other languages. I personally thank publishers.

However, I don't completely agree with the topic of article or publication, its relevance, entire content, images used, kind of language, translating tools used and other references given by respective authors, writers and bloggers.

(Note: Some article links pointing back to (this site) might have been removed from citation/reference section of articles mentioned below or mentioned articles themselves might have been removed/deleted by publishers after updating this page.)

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Accredited Researcher (India) - The International Micro Expressionists Association (Cape Town, South Africa) (

# In Wikipedia:

1) First Impression: Evolutionary Basis (Removed at present)

# In News(paper):

1) (An article published in Times of India - World's one of the largest English Dailies)

# In Books:

# Citations:

A) Journal/Research Articles:
01) written by Prof. Dr. Trisha Goodnow, Oregon State University)
02) (Article published in Journal of Societal and Cultural Research Journal, written by researchers from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix)
(Article cited under article Indian Dance as Form of Communication)

B) Documents/Catalogs/E-Books/PDFs:

C) Blog Articles/Presentations/Slide-Shows:
01) (Prezi Presentation: Body Language)
02) (Website cited on an Israeli website)
03) (Blog article Evolution of Nonverbal Emotion)
04) (Slideshare Presentation: Nonverbal communication slides)
05) (Article link embedded on website by world famous mentalist Chris Carter, USA)
06) (Re-posted article with citation on a Canadian website)
08) (Prezi Presentation: Seduction and Dating)
11) (An article link embedded in United States Coastal Guard Auxiliary's newsletter)

D) Non-English Articles:
01) (Spanish translation of article Why we Smile?)
02) (Photo from site used in French article)
04) (Work citation on Romanian website)
05) (Article cited under Spanish article ¿Qué es Lenguaje Proxémico? Características Principales)
(Article cited under Finnish article Sanaton viestintä ständi myynnissä)
07) (Article cited in Spanish article El lenguaje de la Sonrisa)
08) (Spanish article on Why we Smile?)
09) (Spanish article on Why we Smile?)
10) (Italian article on What is Proxemic Language? Principle Characteristics)

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