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The ways woman provokes her man to be protective

Women who seek a long term (romantic) relationship have a large arsenal of nonverbal clues to woo desired male partner. However, some questions are equally puzzling to both men and courtship experts - What exactly makes a man go weak in the knees for a woman (for a long time)? Why testosterone fueled guys fall for a woman they strongly like? What expressional and biological signals are given away by women? Most of the men reading this article might have gone crazy once or many times for women they got attracted to. On the other hand, women might not have an idea about why they change dramatically in appearance and by behavior while wooing men.

Its secret is deeply hidden inside the physical and psychological features of the fairer sex. Courtship signals are a mixture of clues of availability, fertility (vigor) and compatibility. However, another spectrum of expressional and biological signal is used by a woman in attempt to turn desired male very gooey and softer towards herself. It might sound funny and equally kiddish but women try to provoke protectiveness in men through a range of both unconscious and deliberate nonverbal clues.

Both men and women are naturally oriented to protect and nurture innocent and helpless children. This gives very pleasant feelings and deep satisfaction; it's actually a stress relieving emotional exercise too. It’s only physical and psychological characteristics of newborns and adolescents that people even fight with odds to protect them. Babies have very soft & nearly hairless skin, fair complexion (as compared to adults), tender vocal tone (with low volume), fewer defensive tactics, uncoordinated body movements and very energetic & playful disposition. Their defenselessness makes elders to protect them.

As famous biologist Dr. Desmond Morris has mentioned, women retain juvenile features throughout their reproductive age (fecundity). This is not typically found in men because secretion of testosterone multiplies in their bodies after puberty. Across the board, women have juvenile faces, hair, skin, vocal tone (soft & sweet), expressions, body movements and affect (sympathetic and parasympathetic) displays. Women themselves might not realize it consciously but they highlight and accentuate their juvenile physical and psychological features to attract and also retain desirable men.

After observing a woman giving away such signals, a man unconsciously feels an urge to protect her – the ‘childlike’ lady. On the other hand man, engages himself in complementary displays to portray a tradition hero or even virtual father who tries to protect and save her. These mutually beneficial expressional and behavioral adaptations by both men and women attracted towards each other underlines traditional roles of both genders.

After attracting attention of man and assuring that he's watching her, she tries to act as a playful and curious infant. Giggling, talking in a soft and melodious voice, gesticulating in a playful manner, smiling & palming face, making silly mistakes & movements, jumbling up words and making enthusiastic & immature facial expressions is enough to illicit protective favors from man. Her coy smile conveys harmless intentions and chin down expresses submission.

Increased circulation of blood in skin or blushing of upper body (especially cheeks and neck) conveys innocence, emotional excitement and an urge of covering like an unprotected child. Have you seen babies with maximize blood circulation in outer layer of skin (epidermis) right after few moment of their birth?

By applying makeup on face, she tries to appear youthful and specifically - baby like. She draws man's attention towards most attractive and appealing features; eyes, cheeks and lips. By doing hair in such a way that face looks smaller in size, she tries to imitate a child seeking affiliation and protection. By wearing cute & colorful outfits and fidgeting with them quite often, she tries to draw attention of man towards herself. This act is similar to how cute babies gain strong attention from adults around them.

Through all these acts and expressions, she seeks assurance that the man she is attracted to is able to protect her or not. After giving away clues of availability and compatibility, these ‘juvenile’ signals are intermixed with fertility clues. Even after she creates a firm affiliation, these kinds of signals are still given away because she needs favor and protection on constant basis. In today’s modern and economically liberal world, women attracting attention of desired partner give away signals that are quite similar to what ancestral women might have done thousands and millions of year ago to gain attention of men. Moreover, these signals are almost universal.

It has also been found that women with greater amount of estrogen and progesterone in their bodies tend to have and display more childlike facial, physical, paralinguistic and motor (related to movements) features. To complement with same, men having higher levels of testosterone and who are ready to risk themselves, tend to feel more attracted towards 'juvenile' women. The evolutionary purpose behind this kind of attraction is simple - men with greater protective abilities and resourcefulness should take care of 'infantile' women.

Orientation can't remain hidden for a long time.
In other words, juvenile characteristics and its display is a way to test men for desire and ability to protect and favor women. Such qualities in men help to succeed both in relationship beyond a plain tie-up. Women themselves are also attracted to 'juvenile' looking men and women because of deep urge of nurturing babies. Looking at such faces also makes us feel happy.

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  1. A nice article on women giving away juvenile expressions during courtship! Good observation.

  2. Staunchly putting the whole argument of feminism aside, this is a great article! Gives insight to May/December romance among other things!

    1. Thanks a lot! It's about natural instinct and social necessity.


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