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April 17, 2011

Woman's Courtship Body Language (Part 2)

Since known the time in history of humanity, thousands of poets, painters, singers, writers, musicians, craftsmen and sculpturers have been portraying, praising and worshiping the vibrant image of woman and her fertility, elegance, liveliness, charisma and splendor by employing intellect, creativity, imaginations and emotions at their best. Folklore, legends, creation myths and cultures are meaningless and incomplete without her. Kings and emperors have fought wars over her physical beauty and lost their women, lives, kingdoms and empires.

Her unique characteristics, skills and qualities separate her from men. Beauty, cuteness, resilience, resourcefulness, adaptability and naturality can be easily equated to a woman. The entire world is worthless without her warmth, tenderness, affection, empathy, caring nature, managerial qualities and a wide spectrum of the social skills. Also, she is the key driving force of human evolution because her choice in form of a male partner eventually contributes to the gene pool.

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In comparison to a man, a woman makes her choices more carefully, consciously and with lots of patience. If she's genuinely, voluntarily and seriously interested in a man for a long term, a romantic and a committed relationship, she tries to collect every possible clue, hint or signal from the man of her interest to judge, examine and access his overall character, existing and past relationships with other women, current availability, will of commitment, intellect, occupation, income, confidence, social status, inheritance, personal (and family) history, possessions, resourcefulness, potentials, strengths and weaknesses.

Conventionally, it’s the man who makes first move towards woman as he thinks. It's totally wrong at most of times. Surprisingly, it’s the woman who takes initiatives for drawing his attention and bringing him into game of courtship. By default, men are nonverbally dumb and woman has a wider range of nonverbal signals and clues in her arsenal to encourage him to take the first step. Without exceptional circumstance and conditions, she doesn't want to openly and verbally declare that she's attracted towards a man.

There are more than fifty behavioral patterns, moves, clues, displays and signals that have been systematically observed and documented during women's courtship across many cultures, classes, ethnicity and societies.

Unlike most of the men, most women attracted towards their desired men give sutble indications through their overall body language. They're so subtle that most men can't quickly understand them.

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Following are a few of them, which short and catchy titles, that are very common:

Tricky Toucher: When she finds him as a relation worthy individual, she unconsciously touches very sensitive parts of her body. She touches herself below her throat or simply plays with necklace. She gently touches or caresses her neck by fingers.

She unconsciously brings sensitive parts facing towards him. She fidgets with ear rings or tops, gently moves fingers through her hair or places palm on chick.

Inside skin of forearms (above elbows and below wrist) is very sensitive and has strong significance for expressing desire.

Flattering Flute: Folks freely fall for flattery. It’s a common experience and she utilizes her sweet and soft voice for the same. She tries to pronounce words very softly, slowly and care fully so that he wouldn't get hurt by them.

Also, she deliberately asks him about his family, health condition, fitness routine, current activities, undertakings, social engagements, ambitions, aspirations, adventures and future plans.

Sensitive Submitor: Neck is the most vulnerable part of human body and its tilting conveys one’s submission towards the other, under the influence of either fear or fondness. Woman’s neck has a very aesthetic value in her overall physical appearance.

When she decides to move ahead, she tilts herself at one side so that exposed neck becomes visible to him. She would laugh quietly and look at him while doing so. It’s one of the solid signals from her.

Pinky Proposer: In normal condition, blood flow gravitates towards lower part of body. But when she gets excited or emotionally charged, it starts circulating in upward direction i. e. towards torso and face. Her chicks start turning pink (light red) and stays so for a considerable amount of time. It’s evident on fair skin than darker.

It’s clear biological indication about her soaring sensation. Chicks are very sensitive part of face and has large network of veins under its skin. Many woman brush their chicks pink as part of their makeup.

Intimacy Indicator: Intimate, close to body or come-hither gaze has an enormous appeal. When he looks at or talks with her, she holds gaze downward and looks at her torso, palms, fingers or nails. She might fidgets with objects on her laps.

She hardly makes a (prolong) eye contact with him. She might cross her arms over her chest for soothing impulse and comforting herself. She blinks her eyes steadily, sings softly or smiles.

Gentle Wooer: As compared to man’s strong, weight bearing, punching and wrestling wrist, she has very lean and slender wrist that has great nurturing and therapeutic capabilities. She allows her wrist to swivel, sway or hang loose in front of him.

She makes hand gestures to show gentleness and flexibility of her wrist. She fidgets or plays with wrist watches, bracelets or bangles.

Contact Initiator: First touch is very crucial for forming personal and intimate relationship. To cross interpersonal threshold, one has to touch other to convey the wishes, intentions, desires, urges and motives. Women are more social and touch friendly then men.

According to courtship experts, it's the woman who initiates the first touch in 90% of cases. Touch necessarily should not be firm or grabbing but it’s fleeting and brief as if it happened accidentally.

Hip Honker: Like men putting hands on hips, she does same to look very appealing and challenging. She puts one or both hands on hips and stands facing to wards him. Also, she puts her entire weight on one leg and let other point in the other direction.

She performs cat walk while passing in front of him or walking towards him. She (subtly) sways and gyrates her hips like a belly dancer while doing the same. She flaunts her curves in front of her.

Tantalizing Tosser: We already came to know about appealing power of hair and she takes a great advantage of same. She allows her hair wave freely on her back. She lifts and throws them behind shoulders.

She jerks her neck so that hair would move backward and forward on her torso, bounce over her shoulders or fly in air. Even if she has very short hair, she does it instinctively.

Insecure Enquirer: If she finds her man walking, talking, moving, eating or working with other (young and beautiful) woman, she would feel insecure due to possibility of loosing her man to the lady and express jealously on her face. She would make a pity face and cross arms over her chest.

She would glare at the woman. She would try to draw his attention towards her by making some noise. When the woman is not with him, she would try to know about his relation with the woman she has saw him with.

Stealthy Striker: After considerable interactions and signaling, its time to make an ultimate appeal. She passes by him, stands or sits facing her back to him. She looks at him over her shoulders very briefly and looks forward or continues talking with others. It’s her appeal to him for following her.

Looking over the shoulders at the man of her serious interest is an accurate strike on his already throbbing heart.

Dancing Appealer: When she stands or sits very close to him, she lifts her face upwards and starts looking at his face passionately. She plays with him with her hands or teases him sportingly.

She moves back and forth, tries to grab his attention and (openly) asks him to dance or try some moves with her in a party which they both are attending. She gyrates her hips while dancing with him.

By the way, if a woman shows a great amount of interest in a man with only physical, economical, strategic, political and materialistic (short-term) goals and ambitions in her mind then she would send nonverbal clues to arouse and allure him (sexually) to walk in her trap. Her nonverbal behavior, expressions, displays and signals would be purely attention seeking, targeted, inviting, orchestrated, up close, impatient, seductive, imposing, intimate and revealing.

While observing mentioned nonverbal patterns, please ensure that many of them prevail frequently, together or one-after-another during interactions over a considerable period of time. Otherwise, mere attraction or 'fishing' would be mistaken as courtship.

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