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March 20, 2011

Social Class

Survival, growth and reproduction are entirely depend upon the available resources. Variety, quantity and quality of resources are directly linked with an ability to acquire and afford them. Competition, struggle and fight for attaining and possessing the resource acquisition capabilities is an underlying, a silent and a pivotal hierarchical competition held among different individuals, families, clans, groups, communities, ethnicity, countries and even the races of creatures. It is considered as the driving force of biological evolution, bio-diversity and complexity.

Climbing the tall ladder of resource allocation hierarchy has been the one of greatest pursuits of the mankind since time unknown. Every position in the ladder is about amount of the power and capabilities one possesses to access, control, extract, acquire, accumulate, secure, process, preserve, store and consume resources which can be biological, non-biological, natural or artificial.
Individuals, families, groups, clans and communities of higher class work lesser hard, consume more, spend more, (afford to) waste a plenty, find more time for amusement and (might) stay healthy longer.

In case of a family's house, factors like location, neighborhood, size, space, safety, security, amount, availability, affordability, rarity, creativity, variety, quality, quantity, hospitality, privacy and comfort nonverbally convey the socio-economical class of the family. Its size, amount of empty space around it, quality of material used for building and decorating it, amount of fortification, amount of artificially illuminated area, amount of safety and security measures, kind of availed facilities, amount and quality of furniture, amount and quality of upholstery and size of showcase are determinant factors.
Along with the same, types and number of transportation vehicles, kind of food (variety, quantity and quality), amount of food stored/preserved, number of aids and appliances, quality and quantity of clothes, number and quality of footwear, number and quality of body adornments, amount of private space reserved for every member, level of physical comfort, number of accumulated collectible items, number of pets etc. speak very clearly and loudly to others about social status of the individual family.
Resources are key to survival and the most smart, technological, cunning and creative creature can come with possibly anything to acquire and allocate resources for itself, its family and its close relatives. Human race has mastered this art through science and with many tools, tricks and methods available at its disposal. A few influential, extremely smart, highly visionary, foresighted and articulating individuals come up with some extremely fantastic other-worldly entities, stories and revelations.
They try to unite people by showing their commonalities, give them instructions, put a supreme watching authority over them, pacify the brutal fights over resources and reclassify the struggle for a hierarchical position. This indirectly and ultimately rearranges the resource allocation and its distribution. It transforms horizontal fight over resources into a vertical pursuit. Geometrical shape and structure of society is changed.

Ancient Egyptian Social Pyramid/Hierarchy
Going even further, they found (organized) religions, induce fear, set rules, make prophecies and give promises of rewards in the other-world to the obedient followers. They tactically (try to) alter, dictate and govern world-view, lifestyle, relations, behavior, consumption, perception, thinking, feelings, actions and reactions of a very large amount of non-questioning and non-reasoning population of communities. 
This smartest system indirectly gives a huge amount of control over the large amount of available resources in the hands of a very few percentage of the (divinely) 'chosen' members, factions and families of the same community. This is accumulation of enormous amount of resources by a few at the top. They are held, appointed or rearguard as guardians of the large amount of resources and overseers of community.

All of the remaining members of the same community are eventually pushed to lower positions or ranks in the social hierarchy or resource allocation pyramid. They are left to compete for, cooperate with and make compromise with each other over the left over resources through an established ranks or positions of serving some purposes.
Members of lower classes are structurally, methodologically and institutionally convinced, trained, tailored, educated, prepared, armed, styled, equipped and used by those from higher social class to serve their own best interests. Higher class hardly makes any sacrifices whereas lower class is compelled and motivated to do the same.
Especially, where climate is harsh, land is less fertile, resources are very less, very few in numbers, highly vulnerable, hard to access and their availability is uncertain; resulting competition over them is extreme and brutal. Members of the local surviving community try harder to control, preserve, protect and guard the available resources.
They put the kinds of strict rules and regulations in place to optimize usage of resources and keep them pure. They silence questioners to maintain authority and punish rebels with a suspicion that they might join hands with other communities and take control over resources, including land, infrastructure, real estate, livestock, possessions and (fertile) women.
They remain extremely watchful about other communities which might attack them, invade their territory, eradicate them and take control over their resources. Moreover, well-crafted fanatic ideologies try to unite the aggression, violence, intolerance, insecurity, instability, brutality and hostility originated from constantly fighting community members and clashing clans.
On the basis of fictional justifications, this united hostile force and aggressive energy is purposefully armed and oriented by a few ambitious members towards the other territories having comparatively more or abundant resources. Thousands and millions of motivated, clueless and naive fighters give-up their lives to fulfill the desires of just a few.
Male-dominant (patriarchal) tribes, families, clans, communities, societies, dynasties, deities, gods and religions existing almost all over the world is an outcome of the same hierarchical structure or the pyramid. Female-dominant and egalitarian tribes, families, clans, communities, societies, dynasties, deities, gods and religions are very less in numbers.
Basically, Explorations, Expeditions, Invasions, Conquests, (Geo)Political Movements, Colonization, Racism, Slavery, (State sponsored) Terrorism, (Territorial) Domination, Migration and also Technological Advancement have been originated from the very necessity of finding, extracting, looting, acquiring and possessing (rare, new and more) resources. Now, we've ventured out in outer space for the same and competition has already began.

Competition, struggle and fight for staying on and climbing food allocation hierarchy or the pyramid can be easily observed in the animal kingdom and the world of creatures too. Various members of the same species and various species of creatures strive for fitting themselves at a certain position or rank in the long food chain. It's hardwired in male brain to fit in hierarchy and fight for a better position.
However, unlike other creatures, a civilized, educated, technological and industrial human males (and females too) saliently struggle and compete for achieving higher level in more subtle and smart ways to ensure minimal (physical) hard-work, confrontations, clashes, combats, fights and harms. Their struggle includes education, status, economical growth, materialist possession, comfort, aesthetic attributes of their mates and opportunities for their children.
Males (and females too) employ their power, energy, intellect and social rapport for gaining higher status and climbing on economical ladder to seize more opportunities, acquire more resources, attract mates, pair with them, reproduce with them and retain them.
They provide a wide pool of resources, more physical space, better security, good nutrition, better chances of survival and better prospects to their children. Naturally, children inherit resources and social class from their parents.
Ranks, positions, levels, order and chain of command prevail within an individual human family as well. Certain physical spaces, privileges, authorities, rights and decisions are (strictly) reserved to elders or more experienced individuals whereas other (younger) family members have to respect, obey, follow and listen to them.
Challenging, fighting, quarreling and debating with older members of family is considered a unconventional, disrespectful, punishable and nonsensical act. It's highly prevalent in orthodox, conservative, large and joint families (especially those who run businesses, own huge area of land and possess a huge amount of wealth) than the modern, small, liberal, salaried ones.

Other non-confrontational way of getting at a higher position on the social ladder is to gain the kind of skills, aptitudes, knowledge, proficiency, efficiency and expertise which make a great difference in lives of many and solve their problems. Proper education, good guidance, creativity and higher (applied) knowledge generate practical inventions, innovations, ideas, tools, machines, products, formulae, methods and processes. 
They help in achieving higher social status, success, fame, popularity, fortune and prosperity with a far greater efficiency and speed in comparison to (physical) hard-work, confrontation, competition, clashes, combats and fights. Additionally, modern technology, transportation, tools and machinery have made it very easy for us than our ancestors. Also, we can exchange many things by paying for them.
Bartering, currency, trade, commerce and the entire economical system are the smartest inventions of the human brain to acquire (remotely located) resources from others by giving them away compensation. It's an agreed upon way of resource acquisition by avoiding (physical) hard-work, confrontations, competition, clashes, combats, fights and harms in the first place. 
We pay for something because we can't extract, raise, produce, cultivate, craft, catch, carry and process it. Also, traveling long distances, spending time and doing physical work for same isn't feasible. Risk, hazard, harm, pain, exhaustion, exposure and hard-work are what we pay for.

DID YOU KNOW EXACTLY Why fair complexion of skin is unfairly overrated in the world? More an individual stays and works under the sun, more its skin produces melanin to avoid damage to DNA. Skin complexion is inherited by children from their parents. Thus skin complexion is indirectly linked with the socio-economical class of the individual, family, group, clan or community.

Skin complexion is unfairly associated with socio-economical class.
Fair looking individuals are often considered as smarter with an assumption of their higher intellectual abilities and lesser or no involvement in physical labor under sun. Even in the countries with majority people with fair complexion live, a little difference in skin complexion of two individuals is associated with their social class.
By the way, in today's modern, industrial and technological human world; social class, skills, strengths, achievements, education, intellect, status, rapport, popularity, smartness and personality of any individual cannot at all be determined, guessed or judged just by looking at its appearance, physique, exterior, attire, skin complexion and even life style.
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