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Nonverbal clues of Dominance

Overpowering or ruling over others has been there since known eras of history. Politics and strategies evolved to have others in total control of one person or group as long as possible. Domination gives deliberate authority of ordering and marking decisions of own despite of will and interests of group or person under control.

Unlike ranking, dominance is to make someone realize disability to challenge, perform, alter or occupy something on its own. More specifically, domination is disarming others by threatening but without actual attack. 

It has to do with appearing or bluffing to be a superior i.e. big, mounting, attention drawing, authoritative, strong, outstanding, and outnumbering. We can watch domination anywhere in daily life - from colonizing in majority strength on piece of land, demonstrations by a large homogeneous group on streets to glaring - towering tall at a person.

Let’s see few examples of domination that we can observe during interpersonal interactions:

1) Bigger than you: You are sitting in cabin of your superior. Your conversion with her spins into an argument. She suddenly gets out of her chair and stands in front of you and starts glaring.

Unconsciously, she wants to take control over your opinions and approach about subject.

2) Better than you: You find yourself unable to tackle an ongoing condition or issue of your own and seat helpless or nervous in chair. Your superior walking alongside your table, glances at you. He suddenly rushes, stands behind you back and starts asking questions.

Finally, he jumps into issue and solves it without you asking his help. With smirks, superiors says, “This is the way it is done! Better keep in mind from next time”.

3) I’m an in charge: You introducing yourself or you’re being introduced to a person and both of you exercise a formal hand shake. Person on the opposite side turns his palm facing down and silently communicates that he’s going to control or govern over whatever is going to happen in this association.

4) Keep yourself down: A couple is walking on street that’s full of commercial shops.  When they pass by jewelry shop, wife watches a nice diamond necklace. She expresses her wish to buy it but husband refutes it by saying, “We can’t afford it”.

He stretches his hand towards her with palm facing downward and stares at her with big eyes.

5) United to defeat: An innocent lad’s caught by bulling street youngsters. Suddenly another rival group rushes to help him out of the situation. They cover the lad and silently stand tall in front of the offenders. Within seconds, offenders find their out from the spot.

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