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October 25, 2010

What is Hand shake?

Hand shake is almost a global ritual for establishing mutual confidence and faith with equality, cooperativeness, and friendliness. Handshake is an initiating gesture and more formal way of connecting with people and encouraging them for further interactions.

A hand shake can make or break the deal in no time. Not offering or receiving it appropriately i. e. not considering the kind of environment, gender, age, authority, mood of person could invite shame, rejection or even hostility.

How the effective hand shaking should be? Let's try to find out how it evolved in the first place in our social behavioral repertoire. Until we don't know the same, we wouldn't realize its importance in today's context.

Basically, hand shaking is to communicate the harmless state. According a story, roman soldiers used to check each other by touching or running their fingers on wrists, forearms and elbows to ensure that they are not holding or hiding any arm or weapon.

Furthermore, holding and shaking hands together would let any blade or dagger fall to the ground. Isn't that interesting? Keep in mind that shaking hand is to let others know that you are approaching them friendly and want to connect.

A positive and formal handshake is exercised by two persons by standing upright, facing each other at comfortable distance, pointing feet towards each other, keeping neck straight and not stiff, smiling on face, meeting gaze, touching each others palm in vertical direction by firmly griping fingers over them and slowly moving hands up and down at least 2-3 times.

A hand shake or hand shaking is one of most valued body language rituals in the whole world so this short article is meant to discuss about in details.

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