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June 13, 2011

Why we hug?

Hugging is an integral part of most cultures and societies world wide. Animals too do hug each other. Hugging goes beyond formality to boost intimacy and sympathy. It’s performed to express warmth, protectiveness, brotherhood, support and affection towards each other. In all kinds of close relationships, we hug each other.

Why hugging someone is so magical, heartfelt and mesmerizing? It is strongly related with our physiology and psychological defense system against adversities. A hug is offered or received when a person truly wants to be cherished or relieved at deeper level by someone else.

Do you remember the last time you crossed arms over your chest while feeling insecure? Touched, covered and scratched your neck while feeling threatened? Stood by pushing your back against wall while feeling despaired? All these body parts are the most vulnerable so any harm or injuries to them would lead to serious impairment or death.

While hugging, we firmly touch chest and neck of other person with same body parts of our own. Also, we wrap our arms over unprotected back of each other. By doing this, we offer each other the same security and soothing which is provided by our parents or elders during childhood.

Hugging is the most defenseless and welcoming approach of both persons towards each other, unconsciously saying, “We are mutually and voluntarily exposing and touching most vulnerable and sensitive part of each others body. We don’t hold any defense. We protect each other (by covering back by arms) and we are very intimate, trustworthy and affectionate.”

Hugging each other might remain an outlandish or old-school ritual for touch reluctant people of modern generation but they won't understand the importance of same until they receive warm hug and feel its power by theselve.

Unlike shake hand and smile, giving a hug or hugging is one of the most neglected or undervalued body language aspects in the modern human world.

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