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Perhaps, the very reason why there's is an absence of strong will power, social pressure, quick decision making and quick actions to stop and reverse climate change is that the majority of people have accepted their fate due to grave guilt originated from serious environmental crimes committed by us.

Climatologists, environmentalists and ecologists are warning us about catastrophic effects but we aren't even close to fully understand that How exactly the most dominant organisms (bacterias, viruses, fungi and algae) would respond to Climate Change, Massive Pollution and Ecological imbalance. Micro-organisms contribute to 90% of the entire biomass.

We human think that we rule, control and dominate the biological world but it's entirely false. Matter of fact is our own existence is entirely dependent on subtle balance among micro-organisms. If healthy, immune and naturally selected species would perish then we'd have to weigh huge burden of viruses and pathogens.

We know way too much than our ancestors but we're not doing what is necessary. Rich Bio-Diversity assures mutual survival but we're destroying same at rapid rate. Earth would definitely recover from biological destruction but entire humanity would face an enormous, deeper and permanent damage.

Billions of humans are living through artificial means. Life has been made easy with the help of Technology, electricity, tools, devices, vehicles, chemicals, machines, medicines, fossil fuels, factories, fertilizers and industrial farming but we've disturbed the delicate balance which was achieved and maintained over last millions of years.  Should Mother Nature keep pampering "Artificial Humans"?

Mother Nature has its own ways to control population but we started interfering with same and thus assisted in rapid growth of population. Human led Climate Change can be attributed to unnatural, uncontrolled and rapid growth of population. Billions of people might face what we have been avoiding since last few centuries.

We're witnessing grave side-effects of massive and indiscriminate industrialization. We've opened a gigantic Pandora Box of unsuitable & environmentally and ecologically untested shortcuts, methods, materials, technologies and tricks to achieve comfort, speed and economical growth. All other species are living on this same planet without any inorganic technology.

The grand debate over 'Global Warming' and 'Climate Change' should be replaced with 'Pollution Control', 'Waste Management' and 'Waste Reduction/Recycling' innovations. Level of industrial pollution is directly proportionate to level of demand for consumption of end products. We simply can't outcry about increasing pollution and keep consuming unsustainably at the same time.

Level of adulteration and contamination we've contributed to different Eco-systems and Bio-cultures is enormous! Hence planting billions of trees, driving electric cars, riding bicycles and using LED bulbs alone wouldn't rapidly revert damages done to Earth. Various pollutants and chemicals must be brought under tight regulations. Will it happen?

Global warming and cooling might be result of astronomical cycles but Climate Change caused by human-induced Carbon Dioxide and pollution isn't natural at all. Pollution is an ultimate result of failure in managing and recycling wastes. Almost everything can be recycled the way forces of nature do. Everything goes back to where it came from.

Global Economical Recession/Slowdown would let Earth heal herself. People would focus on ecological restoration and rejuvenation. Unemployed people could work for restoration, recycling and reforestation. Big transformations could be brought in emission control, recycling, energy consumption and environmental education. Biggest question is Are we going to let same happen?
Elites, Technologists, Rich People and Developed Countries are considering themselves as the most deserving candidates to inherit this planet but they couldn't revert back the damages due to their heavy, voracious, luxurious, reckless and indiscriminate consumption and wastage.
Along with changing behavior, our top priority must be protection of primitive, indigenous & tribal people along with their unexploited, unpolluted and biologically diverse lands on which they have been living in perfect harmony with earth. They would restore humanity after apocalyptic fall of industrialized civilization.


  1. Nice article...Keep it up...!!!

  2. Wonderful article. We humans are animals, only a few of us has the capability to have a bird view on humans actions on earth and future outcomes. It is sad that everybody is busy in their own little world worrying about money, education, etc... The effects are clearly visibile, a person cannot walk/jog/cycle in most cities without inhaling polluted air. Plastic is everywhere, I hardly remember an empty land in India without a plastic carry bags.

    1. This is a clear warning and also a message (of hope) to every human being. Our own little worlds are nothing but tiniest copies of the actual world around ourselves. If we've have led to this situation then only we'll pay for and (have abilities to) correct it.


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