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Climatologists, environmentalists and ecologists are speculating and warning us off about negative effects of climate change/pollution/global warming but humans are not even close to understand - How micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses) would respond to changes in climate? Response of micro-organisms is what we simply can't control.

Increasing and unhealthy human population is the biggest threat to planet. Why aren't we doing something about it? Our increasing dependency on fuel, tools and technologies is making us weaker, lazier and vulnerable. We cry about 'Human Rights' but what about 'Human Duties and Responsibilities'?

If few 'powerful' and richest people, who are exploiting earth and its resources only for (their own) 'PROFIT' by alluring us to consume more & more mindlessly, control their own greed and ambitions then our collective future would be better. It's about what we all do together for ourselves. We're all connected. Aren't we?

The grand debate over 'Global Warming' and 'Climate Change' should be replaced with 'Pollution Control', 'Waste Management' and 'Waste Reduction/Recycling' innovations. We must quickly learn to pollute less. Rich and developed countries should come forward to help poor and undeveloped countries. We all are tightly connected and just can't walk away from responsibilities.

Each and every living creature is an integral part of this complex, gigantic and dynamic Eco-system and biosphere. Nations, societies, scientists, communities, policy makers and groups of people who think that human race isn't greatly interfering with planet's Eco-systems are highly ignorant, blind, superstitious, unscientific and also are completely disconnected from this planet. Are you one of them?

Level of adulteration or contamination we've contributed to different Eco-systems and Bio-cultures is enormous! Hence cutting down carbon dioxide's emission, planting millions of trees, making electric cars, using LED bulbs and reducing plastic wouldn't greatly help in reverting damage done to Earth. Various pollutants and usage of chemicals must be brought under tight control.

We've unnecessarily overrated luxury, speed, consumerism, vanity, hedonism and materialism. Consumption should be moderated (minimized) and Re-cycling efforts must be rapidly multiplied. Population control measures must be taken for better and healthy future. People must be thoroughly taught to remain Eco-friendly.

If rich and developed countries REALLY think that they could cut down local emission, contamination and pollution by shifting factories to poor, undeveloped and needy countries then they are just ruining their future generations by indirectly promoting exploitative behavior and unsustainable consumption. Such societies would collapse from within sooner or later.


  1. Nice article...Keep it up...!!!

  2. Wonderful article. We humans are animals, only a few of us has the capability to have a bird view on humans actions on earth and future outcomes. It is sad that everybody is busy in their own little world worrying about money, education, etc... The effects are clearly visibile, a person cannot walk/jog/cycle in most cities without inhaling polluted air. Plastic is everywhere, I hardly remember an empty land in India without a plastic carry bags.

    1. This is a clear warning and also a message (of hope) to every human being. Our own little worlds are nothing but tiniest copies of the actual world around ourselves. If we've have led to this situation then only we'll pay for and (have abilities to) correct it.


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