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"If just handful of powerful people, who are exploiting earth for their own profit(?) and also making us to join them, decide to correct their mistakes then future of entire humanity would be different. Perhaps, they require sincere guidance and help from all of us in same."

Earth is not located at the center of universal but it’s definitely at the center of survival of humans, creatures, plants, and micro-organisms. Survival of human race entirely depends upon well being of different ecosystems that exist every where - on land, in water, and in air. We cannot live happily and flourish at all without preserving them consciously. We exist because this planet has helped us to evolve and survive. We must think and thank about it. Experts blame other factors but we can all clearly see what we've done to this planet. Simply, we are paying for our past Karma (Actions). Aren't we?

"Planet earth doesn't require human race but only we need this planet to survive. What all we need is clean air, pure water and unadulterated soil. How could we survive without same?"

Earth is not just a planet that took shape through long running astronomical processes but the greatest manifestation of life itself in known universe. We are inhabitant of a magnificently versatile, incredibly massive, and continuously evolving ecosystem of our solar system. If this planet can offer things that are essential for our survival as privileges then it can snatch them from us without any notice. We cannot spoil this complex system under a false pursuit for excessive physical luxury (which is making us more weak, ugly, sick and lazy day by day), immature ambitions and unrestrained - imbalanced growth.

"If all scientists, industrialists, policy makers and governments are busy(?) in working only for people and not planet then our future is catastrophic. Just few years have left to revolutionize!"

Scientists claim that they have found several earth-like planets revolving around distinct stars in our own Milky Way and other remote galaxies. Probably, we would be able to colonize on them in distinct future. However, big questions still remain - Are we going to ruin our own home and abandon it like (self-centered) fugitives? Why should we call ourselves as supreme creation of nature if we cannot maintain gifts given by it? What we're going to pass to our future generations? What if we couldn't leave this home planet at first place?

"If we could divert even 10% of funds, resources and equipments from amusement, recreation, luxury and rituals towards innovations to protect environment then our future would be great."

Even if we could find habitable planets and succeed in migrating on them in future, we’ve to evolve ourselves to sustain in their environment in which we haven’t evolved originally. Perhaps, we’ve to re-design or alter ourselves to be able to survive at first place. Scientists and astronomical organizations consider this as a greatest challenge and have been doing intensive research to meet it with help of nanotechnology, advanced electronics, sophisticated surveillance, and bio-engineering. Perhaps, outcome of same impulse and restless efforts could save our own planet too. I think that it’s very possible!

"Physicists of our time are busy in finding origin and laws of universe. Actually, they should care more about human race and find clean energy instead."

Only dividedness, dullness, and dumbness is holding most of us back from protecting environment and consuming resources in a sensible manner. Unlike our ancestors who found human existence inseparable from surrounding ecosystem and joyously assimilated their egos with nature and its gifts, generations from medieval era started to separate and completely cut-off themselves from terrestrial roots. We started taking many things granted with oblivious assumption of everlasting continuity of supply and nourishment. Everyone would accept this fact.

"Public health without sustainable development is next to impossible. Actually, 'Environment Protection' and 'Health Care' should be considered as two synonymous terms."

How can we assume that things we couldn’t manufacture in factories would keep us  nourishing over many generations? It’s complete foolishness! Even if we don’t create resources, we can definitely take care of and keep them unpolluted as much as possible. Our ancestors, saints, and preachers have already conveyed and proved through practice that only symbiosis would help us survive and flourish. What all we need is social, education, economical, and political system that strongly supports and unconditionally engages itself in protecting earth.

"Indiscriminate use of thin plastic carry-bags have made this planet an ugliest place and potentially infertile. Will we eat plastic in future? Think again!"

I personally congratulate, appreciate and thank from bottom of my heart to those dedicated scientists, citizens, activists, farmers, institutions and governments who are relentlessly working for recycling, pollution control, people/social awareness, tree plantation, protection & preservation of natural resources - local ecosystems and animal habitats. Because of them only we can enjoy happy life and flourish. Perhaps, few people from your own country, state, city or village would be struggling for environmental protection. Are you paying your contribution?

"Living upon and consuming resources reasonably is what we all need to get quickly adapted for. Increasing population and depleting resources would force (most of) us to do same eventually."

Each of us should struggle for well being of this planet as we fight and compete (like an animal) for essential commodities. It’s only you that can make a difference. Be responsible for yourself and become an asset for earth. Make environmental protection as your status symbol and be a part of revolutionary global movement. Let's join our hand together by forgetting our differences for what we must care for our own survival.

"We all need to heal our differences and unite to save planet and ultimately - ourselves. Simplicity, resourcefulness and less severe competition for status are best solutions."

I kindly request to all governments, local bodies, religious preachers, artists, celebrities, leaders, entrepreneurs, employers, educationists and citizens to emphasize on environmental protection. I would like to appeal every reader and beneficiary of this website to act out and spread words for same. Simply ignore that what others are doing wrong and always think about what you can do right. When other would realize it, they would definitely start following and copying you.

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