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Woman's Courtship (Part 2)

Continues from post - Woman's Courtship (Part 1)

While observing mentioned nonverbal patterns, please ensure that many of them prevail frequently, together or one-after-another during interactions over a considerable period of time. Otherwise, mere attraction or 'fishing' would be mistaken as courtship.
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Sensitive Side: When she finds him relation worthy, she unconsciously touches very sensitive parts of her body. She touches below throat or simply plays with necklace. She gently touches or caresses neck by fingers.

She unconsciously makes sensitive part facing towards him. She fidgets with ear rings or tops, gently moves fingers through  hairs or places palm on chick.

Inside skin of forearms (above elbows and below wrist) is very sensitive and has strong significance for expressing desire.

Flattering Flute: Folks freely fall for flattery. It’s a common experience and she utilizes her sweet voice for same. She tries to pronounce words very softly, slowly and carefully so that he shouldn't get hurt by any mean. 

She deliberately asks him about current events, activities, social engagements and future plans.

Sole Submission: Neck is the most vulnerable part of human body and it signals one’s submission towards other under the influence of either fear or fondness. Woman’s neck has very aesthetic value in her appearance.

When she decides to move ahead in relationship, she tilts herself at one side so that exposed neck becomes visible to him. She would laugh quietly and look at him while doing so. It’s one of the firm signals from her in courtship.

Pink Proposal: In normal condition, blood flow gravitates towards lower part of body. But when she gets excited or emotionally charged, it starts circulating in upward direction - towards torso and face. Her chicks start turning pink (light red) and stays so for a considerable amount of time. It’s evident on fair skin than darker.

It’s clear biological indication of her soaring sensations. Chicks are very sensitive part of face and has large network of veins under its skin. Many woman brush their chicks pink as part of their makeup.

Intimate Invitation: Intimate gaze has an enormous appeal. When he looks at or talks with her, she holds gaze downward and looks at ground, torso, palms, fingers or nails and fidgets with objects on laps.

She hardly makes eye contact with him or may cross her arms over chest. She blinks eyes steadily, sings softly or smiles. 

Womanly Woos: As compared to man’s strong hunting and wrestling wrist, she has very lean and slender wrist that has great care taking capabilities. She allows her wrist to swivel, sway or hang loose in front of him.

She makes gestures to show gentleness and flexibility of wrist. She fidgets with bracelets or bangles.

Caring Contact: First touch is very crucial for forming social or personal relationship. To cross personal threshold, one has to touch other to affiliate. Women are more social and touch friendly then men.

According to experts, woman initiates first touch in 90% of cases. Touch necessarily should not be firm or grabbing but it’s fleeting and brief as if it happened accidentally.

Adorable Appeal: Like men putting hands on hips, she does same to look very appealing and challenging. She puts one or both hands on hips and stands facing towards him. Also, she puts entire weight on one leg and let other point in the other direction.

She performs cat walk while passing in front of him. She sways hips while dancing.

Tempting Toss: We already came to know about appealing power of hairs and she takes an advantage of same. She allows her hairs wave on her back. She lifts and throws them behind shoulders.

She jerks neck so that hairs would move backward and forward on torso or bounce over shoulders. Even if she short hairs, she does it.

Follow Me: After considerable interactions and signaling, its time to make an ultimate appeal. She passes by him, stands or sits facing her back to him. She looks at him over her shoulders very briefly and looks forward or continues conversing with other. It’s her appeal to him for following her.

Looking over shoulders while she stands is sure strike right on his heart.

Let's Dance: When she stands or sits (rather he allows her to) close to him, she lifts her face and starts looking at his face passionately. She plays with him with her hands or teases sportingly. She moves back and forth, tries to grab his attention and asks him to dance with her. 

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Woman's Courtship (Part 1)

Since known time in history, many writers, artists, composers, musicians, craftsmen and sculpturers have been portraying and adorning vibrant image of woman and her elegance, liveliness, charisma and splendor by employing intellect, imaginations and emotions at their best. Legends and mythologies are meaningless without her. Also, she is the key driving force of human evolution.

Her unique characteristics, skills and qualities separate her from men. Beauty, cuteness, resilience, easy adaptability and naturality can be easily equated to a woman. The entire world is worthless without her warmth, tenderness, affection, caring nature and social skills. She has bigger responsibilities towards human race so has different strategies while choosing a mate (partner).
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Conventionally, it’s the man who makes first move towards woman as he thinks. It's totally wrong at most of times! Surprisingly, it’s the woman who takes initiatives for drawing his attention and bringing him into game of courtship. By default, men are non-verbally dumb and woman has large range of nonverbal signals and behavioral patterns to encourage him to take first step.

In comparison to a man, a woman makes her choices more carefully, consciously and with lots of patience. If she's really interested in a man (beyond physical, economical, strategic and materialistic gain), she tries to collect clues from the man of her interest to judge his over character, qualities, level of commitment, strengths, weaknesses.

On the other hand, if a woman takes a great amount of interest in a man with just physical, economical, strategic and materialistic gain then she would send nonverbal clues to arouse and compel him to walk in her trap. Her nonverbal behavior would be bolder, overt, superficial, unnatural and attention-grabber.

While observing mentioned nonverbal patterns, please ensure that many of them prevail frequently, together or one-after-another during interactions over a considerable period of time. Otherwise, mere attraction or 'fishing' would be mistaken as courtship.

Following are more than fifty patterns that have been systematically observed and documented across many cultures, classes, ethnicity and societies. Here are few of them that are very common:

Who’s Attractive?: This is very primitive signal woman gives out on finding an attractive man. She doesn't look directly at him but she rolls her eyes as if running her vision across room or hall. Her enlarged angle of vision allows her to do so. She can target and observe somebody without being noticed.

On the other hand, man’s contracted angle of vision compels him to look directly.

Eve’s Advance: Like man points his leg(s) at woman he finds more attractive or appealing, she points by her leg(s) towards the man she wants to move to. Even if man is not looking at her feet directly, his peripheral vision might pick this move.

If she is in a seating position she puts one leg on another that points at him.

Sideway Solicitation: When she’s standing or seating near to him, she doesn't look directly at him but along side. When he finds her watching him, she immediately diverts gaze in other direction as if she didn’t watch him at all.

She will repeats side way glancing until he pays attention at her. Side way glace is one of the great solicitations that he can’t resist.

Giggles and Gossip: If she’s standing or seating nearby him then she tries to make herself heard by him. If she’s having her friends or familiar persons around, she strikes conversion with them for no obvious reasons. She makes strange and vivacious/ dynamic facials expressions and pronounces words crisply and with high pitch.

She makes a lot of hand gestures, illustrations and vocal modulations. She giggles a lot and looks at him and away repeatedly. 

Flagging Fairy: If he’s standing, sitting or walking in front of her, she waves palms at him to draw his attention. Also, she suddenly starts gesturing with her palms that are kept facing at him.

When he looks at her purposefully or accidentally, she would suddenly stop waving and touches her face or hairs.

Graceful Groomer: She tries to look and act attractive i. e. good looking while he is around. When he looks at her purposefully or accidentally, she checks her hair, outfits and accessories. If they are messed up, untidy or wrinkled, she touches and grooms them very gently and dramatically.

Grooming takes place irrespective of what she wears i.e. ethnic, modern, formal or casual costumes.

Smiling Shy: A smile has immense power to help in winning somebody’s favor and building strong rapport. When girl gets really attracted to a man, she shows it off by coy (shy) smile. Only upper teeth are exposed with slight elongated gaze at him.

Coy smile is hard to mimic and it is the mark of her genuine interest in him.

Silky, Soft and Shiny: Hairs are health indicator. Long, wavy and shining hairs have amazing power to win men’s attention towards her. She smoothly touches and runs her fingers though hairs to straighten them up. She gently moves them away from face and eyes while confronting with him.

She will repetitively entwine and release her fingers or play with their ends to show how silky and soft hairs are.

Concealing Coyness: Ideally, it’s the woman who smiles a lot during courtship. Not just the physical beauty and appearance but liveliness, exuberance and lightheartedness have great advantage for her. But under social surroundings, she tries to conceal her smile in front of him.

She grabs or holds (whatever she finds suitable) in front of her lips. She looks down to break an eye contact.

Interest Incline: If a man approaches and starts talking with her while she's sitting or standing, she leans forward. She shows an active interest in listening and sharing things. She lowers gaze and smile benevolently.

She would keep her belongings near to him as if she feels safe to keep them close to him.

Oceanic Eyes: An elongated eye contact can drive man  crazy and make him spin on his toes. When his looks at her, she tries to draw his attention at her eyes. She touches near or below her eyebrows, she touches her chicks and fixes gaze on him with faint smile on face.

She would regulate his attention by hovering her eyes across his face.

Read about remaining patterns in next post - Woman's Courtship (Part 2)

Man’s Courtship

If someone describes man’s courtship moves in limited words then those words are “Apparent, aggressive and tactless”. Largely, man’s courting cannot be described well apart of these words. Strong reason behind the same is the hormone that makes man (to appear) more aggressive, competing and straightforward - Testosterone.

It is the hormone that secretes at large amount in (adult) male’s body, 20 times more than that of female. (According to some studies, level of testosterone skyrockets in women many times compared to steady secretion in men.
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Man makes courtship move overtly which are easily detectable, crystal clear, vigorous and louder. Most of the moves are strongly related to the physical and social attributes. According to men, women get attracted towards men's higher social status so many men flaunt their materialistic possessions.

While observing mentioned nonverbal patterns, please ensure that many of them prevail frequently, together or one-after-another during interactions over a considerable period of time. Otherwise, mere attraction or 'fishing' would be mistaken as courtship.

Let’s see few of the commonly observable courtship patterns of men.

Archer’s gaze: Compared to woman’s short darting glances, man looks directly at woman he likes or feels more attractive. In social situations, most women find this kind of look very offensive and might retaliate it with obscure temper. He would smile coyly as normal interactions take place and attraction soars.

He would exploit every opportunity of looking directly at her or he would discover different opportunities by spending time, employing rapport, money, and energy or even taking unimaginable risks.

Good guy: He starts moving fingers through his hairs to straight them even if they are not messed or combs them often. He starts clearing imaginary dust fallen on his cloths, adjusting his necktie to make it look neat, pull his shirt towards abdomen to fade away wrinkles, and stretch handcuffs.

He would stand straight and walk more carefully. He would try to exhibit that he follows good manners.

Crossing arms: He crosses his hands over his chest while standing, seating or walking with women he likes. He unconsciously tries to control pulsating pull towards her. He nervously looks at her and then looks downwards and smiles faintly.

He may not maintain direct eye contact with her while standing much closer.

Pocketing palms: He puts his palms in pockets of trouser or pant while interacting with her most of time. His gestures become more out of control and saggy as if he is trying to vent off his anxiety of not being much impressive at that time.

He may stumble on words and inhale - exhale abruptly. He might sweat a lot.

Little step forward: He starts pointing by one of his legs in the direction she is standing or sitting at the moment. He unconsciously starts advancing towards her. It’s sure sign of showing off his desire to go further in relationship. Its progressive towards an affiliation.

On the other hand, other men would come to know about the same.

How’s bigger than me?: He rests his hand on his hips pretending larger body size than what appears. This is typical posture he adopts to assure woman than no one other than him is able to cover or protect her in potential relation. On the other hand, it’s a warning signal to other men too.

The man seeking a relation with woman and adopting this posture can have an aggressive and hostile mentality towards rivals. 

Macho man: He flaunts his muscular built in front of woman whenever he gets an opportunity. He would wear t-shirts or tank tops so that his strong muscular arms and puffed chest can be easily watched by her. He would (attempt to) lift or handle heavier objects or entwine fingers of both hands and thrust hands forward - away from torso.

He would wrestle or tussle with other men or sporty hit them. He would look at his torso at one moment and look at her at next in cycles.

Dominator: He starts to dominate friends, sub-ordinates or colleges in front her. He would make joke or fun of them as he gets opportunity or finds their flaws. He would pat on or stand behind their back, rest his hands on their shoulders or put his entire body weight.

He starts questioning about them even when not necessary. He would blow horn by his own about speed, ability, strength, and intelligence.

Caretaker: On the other hand, he would remain very polite, gentle, and care-taking towards her. He would appreciate her look and clothing. He would ask her if somebody is causing trouble for her. He would offer her costly (surprise) gifts or ask her for having ride or food together.

Also, he would actively share his vision and goals with her as if both of them get benefited from. He would ask her about her feelings and opinions too.

Status Swagger: He proudly flaunts his latest achievements or awards by announcing or displaying them publicly (and without thanking anybody genuinely). He would assert his success, socio-economical status or prosperity (without giving credits to anybody despite of facts).

He would ask somebody to describe him in better words. He would confidently parade with advanced gadgets or devices held in his hands.  

She’s Mine: When he finds or assumes that other man is showing an active interest in same women he likes, he would become aggressive and start openly exhibiting his possessiveness towards her. He stands putting his one or both hands on his hips and one of his legs pointing towards her.

He darts at other men alongside or fixates his gaze on his actual or imaginary rival.

Rivals Beware: He glares at other men interacting with or approaching her. He hurriedly rushes to her and tries to derogate other men by physical or tactical abilities. He tries to separate her from other men or draw her attention at himself deliberately.

He would try to interrogate or manipulate other man in irritating or arrogant way.

Dancing & Glancing: He would dance in front of her or at place that is easily observable by her. Rather than performing solitary, he would compete with other men by stamina and different kind of moves. Same like muscle display, he would look at himself and look at her in cycles.

He would amplify his tempo or exaggerate movements if she’s watching him with interest.

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