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Women are body language experts

Women are supposed to be more intuitive than men in interpreting body language because of they have such extraordinary abilities and skills to do so. They may not analyze nonverbal clues deliberately but they can sense or feel them precisely. While men try to interpret, women intuit. Why is it so at the first place?

Women give birth to children and face a great challenge of understanding every condition that babies are going through only by observing their facial expressions, gestures, postures, movements and voice (tone and pitch) since babies can't communicate verbally like experienced or trained person. This challenge has transformed them into excellent care-taker over millions of years.

Emotional interaction with babies is secret of social awareness.
Also, they resonate to baby's facial expressions and vocal tone to sympathize and create a  strong bond. They unconsciously use brain's both prefrontal hemispheres to process emotional and para linguistic data. Understanding others and responding to them properly was crucial for survival and also to propagate fitter genes to next generations. Otherwise, what have happened with human race is beyond our imagination.

Despite of today's liberated and economically independent environment, women remained dependent on tribal groups (mostly lead by men) for security, resource sharing, and rearing children throughout million years of human evolution. Unlike men resolving most issues by physicality and outright arguments, women had to choose a path of more harmonious and social resolutions. They are more expressive, social, and diplomatic then men.

Men can become expert in reading body language like women only with habit of keen observation and co-relation of clues with given situation or circumstance accurately. Developing contextual awareness in different situations can help men in mastering people reading. The ability to empathize with others is also required to become a good communicator.

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  1. Nice post, would have loved if you had explained this in more details, citing more examples and observations.

  2. OK its very good but small baby was also body language expert

  3. Hi, it is my extremely time browsing your website. The article was good to go through and filled with meaning filled with knowledge. might have 1 much more followers now

  4. is it because women have more of EQ compared to men.
    or is it that they are more sentimental or more careful observers than the men.
    interesting though to delve further into it.


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