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January 31, 2012

Reading Body Language - Common Hand Gestures

Walking on two feet and thus having free hands (fore limbs) gives us an unique ability to make different gestures. They are very advantageous, important and decisive during social interactions.
There are different categories of under which different gestures fall. Only manipulative, pointing, regulatory, declarative and territorial gestures are quite common cross the globe.

Symbolic and Emblematic gestures vary from one culture to another. Also, the meaning of same gesture might have entirely different meanings in two different cultures.

Directing ("This way."), Pointing ("It's the thing.") or Blaming ("You are a culprit.")
Skyward/Upward, Ruler's Finger or "One God"
Allowing ("Come here.", "Let it approach.")
Stopping ("It's enough.", "Don't come.")
Blessing or Suppressing
Submission or "Give me."
Powerful, Strong or Winner
Questioning or Demanding
Offering or Picking
Clarification ("Believe me.", "Nothing to hind.")
Helping Hand or Making Clear
No Arms In Hand or Hand Wave ("I'm here.")
Symbolic Pistol or Sign of Shooting
Symbolic Punch ("Beat you") or Power Fist
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