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Reading Body Language - Congruence

In last article, we came to know about clustering which is first point to consider while reading body language. Moreover, a cluster is a door step for an interpretation of a nonverbal message more accurately. Yet any cluster has to be analyzed further to check if it conveys a genuine message or not. So let’s move forward to authenticate a massage. Why authentication is required at first place?

Generally, our brain maintains coordination among facial expression, posture, movement, and tone of voice. If they remain more synchronized with each other, a message gets across more effectively and correctly. It’s called as CONGRUENCE. This rule applies to spoken or scripted message also.

What if someone wants to distract others from true intentions? Our deliberate cleverness comes into play for same. In practical life, we find ourselves in very awkward situations in which passing exact message may not be in best interest. They are number of reasons for same which cannot be discussed in this article.

Anxiety of being perceived wrong in the eyes of others starts leaking out through lack of control. Ultimately we try to cover up it by verbal crafting but mind doesn't warrant to distract from truth. Various parts of our body and their movements become less synchronized. Thus a cluster appears to be non-congruent with words we speak or even try to convince nonverbally.

There are two persons saying, "I'm open to new challenges!". One person has crossed arms over chest with false smile on face while the other has opened arms wide and seems ready to embrace. Who would you believe to be ready for challenges?
Who's actually ready for challenges?
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