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I'm a body language and nonverbal communication researcher, behavioral analyst, counselor and one of the few from India or Indian sub-continent to hold internationally acclaimed certification for facial (micro-)expressions identification. Perhaps, I’m also the first Indian to have a personal website, blogs and social media pages related to body language, facial expressions, kinesics, nonverbal communication, human psychology and overall human behavior.

I'm one of the very few individuals in India, Indian sub-continent, South Asia or even entirely Asia to have international recognition, accreditation and reputation in this field. My articles have been referred and cited by schools, institutions and universities. Moreover, articles published on this website have been cited in many graduate, post-graduate and doctoral thesis published on internet.

Few articles written on this website have been translated directly or referred under articles that have been written in 11 different languages languages (check Links page). Also, I’ve guided and mentored few Doctoral (Ph. D.) and postgraduate students about nonverbal communication, embodied cognition, (behavioral) neuroscience, emotions, expressions and behavior. I've assisted them in their research projects too.

Articles posted by on this website and other blogs are read by people from more than 100 countries across the globe. People from 50+ countries follow my Facebook pages.

Many internationally well-known body language experts, behavioral analysts, psychologists, authors, researchers, self-help practitioners/writers and counselors follow me in person and are connected with me on Facebook (pages), Twitter and LinkedIn too. Some fans and followers share link of an article on their respective social networks just after few minutes the article is posted on this site.

I’ve worked with many enthusiasts, experts, analysts and professionals from India, United States, Canada, England, Spain, Brazil, Romania, Egypt, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand for analysis, writing, knowledge sharing and dictation. Many people invite me in discussions
about nonverbal communication, personality, behavior, emotions and emotional expressions on internet, telephone or face to face.
By occupation, I'm a full time senior IT/Software professional. Therefore, I don't provide any FREE or PAID SERVICES on-line and/or off-line. Still, I've been actively engaging myself in observing, studying, reading, analyzing and formulating in spare time.

You can contact or add me on your social networks or join my pages on different websites. Preferably add "Nonverbal World" in the subject line of your email or click on following button.

My contact details:
6) Twitter: @sachchidanandsw (

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