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My name is Mr. Sachchidanand R. Swami or in short Mr. Sachin R. Swami. I'm a human behavior researcher, analyst and the chief writer of this website. I've a considerable amount of experience in behavioral analysis, behavioral profiling and behavioral prediction by using some of the basis principles, rules and facts of biology, (classical) physics, environment, ecology, economics, sociology, physiology, psychology and neuroscience. Methodological and systematic analysis is my specialty. I actively engage myself in case studies.
I'm one of the very few individuals from India and/or Indian sub-continent to hold one of the internationally recognized certifications for the facial (micro-)expressions identification, passed with Expert level of proficiency.
I began studying, analyzing and profiling human behavior since year 2004 through observing and interacting with tribal, rural, urban and metropolitan populations.

Perhaps, I’m the first ever Indian to maintain a website and a Facebook page in English which are entirely dedicated to and focused on facial expressions, body language, nonverbal communication and human behavior with educational purpose. I extensively interact, communicate and share with academics, educators and field experts on regular basis through email.
Although I've studied, researched and written about different topics of human (social) behavior, body language and nonverbal communication; detecting or picking facial micro-expressions, subtle signs, barriers/blockers, soothers, pacifiers, adapters and also tiny variations in well-known, established and recognized patterns are my areas of great interest, attention and focus.

Also, I'm one of the very few non-academic, self-motivated, scientific and independent researchers from India, Indian sub-continent, South Asia or perhaps the entire Asia to have the international recognition, reputation, citations, translations and a variety of behavioral topics written for so far.
Articles published on this website have been cited (used and mentioned as reference) by students, fellows, faculty members, teachers, lecturers and researchers in their own literature, including Ph. D. (Doctorate), Master and Bachelor thesis, from following universities, institutions and programs:

Working, interacting and exchanging knowledge with many body language enthusiasts, experts, analysts and professionals from India, United States of America, Canada, England, Spain, Brazil, Romania, Egypt, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand has broaden the my horizon.
Many internationally reputed, popular, well-known and famous body language experts, behavioral analysts, psychologists, authors, researchers, self-help practitioners, writers, counselors, instructors and trainers follow me in person and are connected with me.
# Associations, Contributions and Memberships:

1) Former member as Research Study Associate (India) of Institute for Human Origin founded by Arizona State University (United States of America), between Mar 2014 to Aug 2014 (Website:
2) Present member as Accredited Researcher (India) of The International Micro-Expressionists Association (IMEXA) (South Africa) (Website:
3) Founder/Creator of the topic Nonverbal Communication on, a large and growing international professional network for scientists and researchers

4) Creator and Administrator of the group Body Language and Nonverbal Communication Training Professionals and Experts on, a large international professional network for employers and employees
I'm formally educated in Electrical and Software Engineering, posses working experience of more than 15 years and currently working as a Senior IT/Software Professional with expertise in pattern recognition, robust algorithm development, debugging, troubleshooting, diagnosis and performance optimization.
Currently, I don't at all promote, endorse, evaluate, advertise, market, sell, provide and/or play any active part in any (kind of) products, programs, books, courses, tuition and/or services on-line and/or off-line at present. However, I'm ready to write for newspapers and magazines. 
Along with being a behavior researcher, analyst and writer; I'm a long distance cyclist, runner and athlete. Also, I'm a multi-lingual individual having familiarity with 14 different languages, including 3 classical languages, at varying degree of proficiency.

You may contact me through email, add/follow/connect with me on social networks or join my Facebook page.
Contact details:
1) Email Address:
5) Facebook Profile:
8) Twitter: @sachchidanandsw (
It's a kind request to all of you that if you want to use any article(s) from this website as the reference in your own literature, article, video or presentation then don't forget to provide full URL of the same in citation or bibliography.


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