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My name is Mr. Sachchidanand (Sachin) Swami and I'm a human behavior researcher, analyst and the chief write of this website.
I began studying, learning, observing and reading from year 2004. I'm one of the very few individuals from India or Indian sub-continent to hold an internationally recognized certification for facial (micro-)expressions identification.
Perhaps, I’m the first ever young Indian to host a personal English website and a social media page that are entirely dedicated to and focused on facial expressions, body language, nonverbal communication, human behavior, psychology, physiology and neuroscience.

Also, I'm one of the very few non-academic and self-funded researchers from India, Indian sub-continent, South Asia or perhaps the entire Asia to have the international recognition, reputation, citations and a variety of topics written for so far.
Many internationally well-known body language experts, behavioral analysts, psychologists, authors, researchers, self-help practitioners, writers and counselors follow me in person and are connected with me on Facebook (page), Twitter and LinkedIn too.

I’ve worked with many body language enthusiasts, experts, analysts and professionals from India, United States, Canada, England, Spain, Brazil, Romania, Egypt, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand for analysis, writing, knowledge sharing and dictation.
By occupation, I'm a full time senior IT/Software professional. Therefore, I don't at all promote, endorse, advertise, market, sell and/or provide any (kind of) products, courses, and/or services on-line and/or off-line at present.

# Associations, Contributions and Memberships:

1) Former member as Research Study Associate (India) of Institute for Human Origin founded by Arizona State University (United States of America), between Mar 2014 to Aug 2014 (Website:
2) Present member as Accredited Researcher (India) of The International Micro Expressionists Association (IMEXA) (South Africa) (Website:
3) Founder/Creator of the topic Nonverbal Communication on, a large and growing international professional network for scientists and researchers

4) Creator and Administrator of the group Body Language Training Professionals on, a large international professional network for employers and employees
You may contact, add me on your social networks or join my Facebook page.

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