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September 29, 2010

“The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals”

We have been continuously facing various environmental, social and psychological challenges since millions of years. However, facing and overcoming challenges will continue until we go extinct. Despite of modern technologies and inventions, we live almost same way the other creatures do. Yet most of us would out-rightly deny with anger that we are just the advanced technological creatures. The denial doesn't changes the facts.

Though we share most of our characteristics with other creatures, it might be quite hard for most of us to regard ourselves as an 'animal race'. Though scientific and technological advancements separate humans from other of creatures, this accomplishment has been done in over a tiniest period of the entire history of evolution. Believe it or not but we're very young species according to the entire Earth's biological history.

Common Human and Ape ancestry

Sir Charles Darwin, the one of the founders of “Theory of Evolution” was once criticized through a cartoon in which he was depicted as an ape, holding a mirror in front of another ape’s face which is seating next to him. Even today, an individual is publicly taunted as 'monkey' due to his/her behavior similar to monkeys.

In 19th century, contemporary society and scientific community couldn’t accept his conclusion drawn after his decades of study and research that apes (higher primates) and we share common ancestry. Debate is still continue, both in support and opposition of Darwinism.

However, a very few of us might know and duly recognize that same revolutionary genius has ultimately laid the firm foundation stones of modern science of the human emotions, their expressions, body language and nonverbal communication.

He also succeeded in finding and establishing similarities between human and animal expressions. Later, most other scientists and researchers re-visited, re-studied, re-verified and re-introduced the same conclusions in one or the another way.

His famous book “The expression of emotions in man and animals” is one of the preliminary writings that covers valuable conclusions drawn after closely observing humans and animals communicating nonverbally.

Today, modern scientific world has being trying to find out origin of different behaviors and their variations. Many psychologists and behavioral researchers have given contribution to this interesting field after Darwin.

Eventually, this quest has brought revolution in this field of social and communication sciences. It's your curiosity about the same has brought to you to this website.

It's none other than the Darwin's greatest gift for all of us is shedding a bright light on human behavior, body language, emotions and their expressions.

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