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Evolution of Nonverbal Communication

Let’s try to understand that how exactly nonverbal communication evolved. We all know that our ancestors faced same challenges like any other creatures. To survive successfully, any creature has to 1) defend itself from predators and adverse climatic conditions 2) mark and defend certain geographical area for shelter 3) find and preserve food to live upon 4) attract a mate, protect it and produce off-springs 5) take care of off-springs and teach them same techniques and manners 6) cooperate and coordinate with members of same species as well as others to seize opportunities and minimize risk to life.

To have same skills and adaptations, an intelligent system came into existence which senses each factor subjected with survival and responds to it appropriately. We know that sensory organs send signals to brain, brain processes them and finally signals are sent back to various parts of body and organs.

Capability of sensing and reacting to and by various forms of signals like sounds, movements, gestures, facial expressions, postures, smells and colors are basic characteristics of nonverbal communication. These nonverbal characteristics are deeply rooted in our expression of emotions and reflexes

Word “Emotion” has been derived from word “Emote” and it simply means as “to drive”. An emotion can be generally defined as “a pre-defined survival strategy or intention of reacting to environment or entities. We all share and live under the influence emotions because they have deeper, wider and crucial importance for us.

Emotions evolved as behavioral reflexes and each specific emotion helps in securing and supporting underling survival interest.
Different emotions have different purposes.
What each emotion or reflex basically does? Fear helps body to move way from source of danger, anger to reprove or retaliate, anxiety to anticipate risks or dangers, suspect to demand assurance, pride to challenge rivals, respect to secure favors from others and affection to create bonds.

Unconsciously, we reciprocate with environment and entities around us on basis of emotions and feelings that our brain induces.

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  1. May be we need to go back in the history of mankind by a million years. The flight and fight syndrome of that time helped mankind to learn to communicate through non verbal means like most of the other animals!!


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