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September 20, 2010

Is "Nonverbal" an alien way of communication?

This age is indeed the age of massive revolution in human communication. We’re constantly, continuously and consistently being introduced to newer technologies, platforms, channels, devices and gadgets. Positively, many superficial factors are being rectified by latest neuro-psychological research by anticipating future challenges.

Along with all of these things, we’re hearing a new buzz word “Body Language” and this dialect is gaining considerable amount of attention, right from our homes to the corporate offices worldwide. The phrase is being used by people from age groups almost everywhere.

Some experts are couching us to help shaping effective, smart and friendly ways which could benefit us personally, professionally, financially, socially and nevertheless romantically. So does it mean that body language is an entirely new dialect itself? Is "Nonverbal" an alien way of communication?

Several research projects over body language and nonverbal communication began in 19th century and their common conclusions were both startling and enlightening for all of us. Body Language and Nonverbal Communication is being used by us unconsciously from millions of years. Also, it remained evolving along with us while facing new psycho-sociological challenges.

Our ancestors developed, evolved and used it as a common communication platform for very need of survival and socialization before any verbal language evolved. Even after verbal languages or dialects coming into existence, body language is still effective but most of us are not aware of it. In modern era, we use body language to support verbal communication but almost unconsciously.

Since the words are unnecessarily emphasized almost all the time, we are becoming more and more mutually ignorant about expression of emotions, feelings, motives and intentions. We're ultimately inviting the lack of deeper mutual understanding, reciprocity and empathy everywhere.

Are we becoming social dummies?

Our personal, professional and social relationships are at risk due to not expressing ourselves and interpreting each other accurately as our ancestors did. Though some languages are endangered due to not fulfilling some contemporary demands-standards and aversive to change, body language is unchallenged and it exists globally.

We communicate throughout the day almost nonverbally, over our entire life span. We have bodies and we talk through them. It’s at the core of our emotions, feelings, motives and intentions urges so doubting about it is just like underestimating struggle for survival of our own race.

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