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September 16, 2010

Survival of Communicator

Human race has successfully survived from last couple of millions of years not because of its intelligence and skills to adapt well and efficiently in different environments, climates and physical conditions but also effective interpersonal, social and strategic communication. In fact, larger brain evolved in us to develop better understanding about each other.

Effective, timely and harmonious social communication is not only about exchanging facts, data and info with clarity and accuracy but also building mutual trust and confidence to be able to avert dangerous, to fight adversities and to capitalize opportunities for surviving over a longer period of time.

Nonverbal Communication is universal.
In this modern age, we mostly communicate with help of words and numbers. However words share only a few percents of the personal insights in comparison to what body reveals. Literal meaning of words can be acknowledged but motivations or intentions behind them may not be exactly understood if we don’t pay attention to pronunciations, body language and facial expressions of person that utters them.

As like other creatures, we evolved to communicate primarily through bodily expressions because they are definite and apparent. A calm and cheerful person relaxing in a reclined chair gives away a pleasant and non-threatening clues whereas an out-crying infant expresses helplessness and an urge of immediate attention by others. Hence, no special training or experience is required for interpreting basic emotional expressions.

What makes us as a superior race on this planet is our social and emotional reciprocation with each other which doesn't happen with words and numbers. What lies in our future is completely unpredictable but one this is certain that the nature would support the survival of better communicator.
According to my contemplation, Communication cannot be separated from (being in) Existence itself. Everything that exists does consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, subtly or overtly and silently or loudly send out different kinds of hints, clues, signals and messages.

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