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Unlimited Potentials of Nonverbal Knowledge

Today, robots and computers are being taught to interpret and express human emotions and it overtly underlines the effectiveness of nonverbal communication. If machines will communicate with us nonverbally in future then why not we, surviving from millions of years using same language, master it again?

We're one of the best designs that nature has shaped and modified over millions years. Unlike any artificial machines, it's very easy for us because we've all required elements to gain mastery in nonverbal communication.

Communication 7% by words
Knowledge of body language, kinesics, and nonverbal communication can be harnessed not only in personal, professional and social life but also in different fields like education, sports, entertainment, media, fashion, advertisement, performing arts, public relationship, psychoanalysis, counseling, human resource, marketing, servicing, tourism, hospitality, disaster management, rehabilitation, health care, counseling, security, intelligence, law & order, international relationships, diplomacy, administration, strategic planning, ergonomics etc.
Having good people-skill brings a great difference in life.
Lawyers, educators, trainers, psychologists, actors, politicians, diplomats, media analysts, businessmen, traders, counselors, investigators, security officials, secret agents, and  burglars mostly interact with people as part of their profession who are smart enough to interpret them nonverbally. Also, our parents or grand parents might be well-versed in it. Anyone can develop such intelligence like they have.

It’s for sure that proficiency in body language and nonverbal communication would let you know yourself and others better and pave a way towards  success, harmony and happiness like never before. Moreover, raise in consciousness towards our own body fulfills a great purpose of being in an existence with harmony with nature, evolution and world full of people and different creatures.

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