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October 25, 2010

Emotional Intelligence and Success

We think that our materialist knowledge and skills to operate and handle many things would help us in achieving what we want in our life. Do you really think that this assumption is true? If it was the case then we might not have run in many issues in our lives related with emotions. We live in a world that is full of people with different interests, motives and orientations.

We can neither fight with nor surrender ourselves completely to others for getting successful but we can try to understand each other in terms of emotions and feelings.
Prof. Dr. Howard Gardner
It's not at all possible until an individual isn't capable of understanding its own emotions, feelings and motives to be able detect them in others. Howard Gardner (the founder of Multiple Intelligence theory) greatly emphasizes on emotional awareness. Success mostly depends upon how person precisely understand emotions and reacts appropriately i.e. whether person is emotionally intelligent or not.

Emotions are common and natural but traits and temperaments of an individual its destiny. Want to know your EQ (Emotional Quotient)? Take this test.

Traits like openness, ingenuity, tolerance, politeness, resilience, courage, diligence, determination, confidence, cooperativeness, compassion, competency, consistency, commitment, comfort level, maturity, self-esteem, strength, enthusiasm, trustworthiness, respectfulness, kindness, foreseeability and affection give clear insight of individual nature. In short, body language and nonverbal communication clues gives an idea abut an emotional character of a person.

We have an inherited ability to realize an emotional interplay at an unconsciously level even we don't emphasize or not paying enough attention to nonverbal clues we collect unconsciously.

All personal characteristics can only be judged through face-to-face interactions or deliberate observations but most of us don't pay much importance to same and ultimately invite many troubles.

Until we don't realize great importance of emotional intelligence, we would keep body language clues undervalued.

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