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April 10, 2011

Man’s Courtship Body Language

If someone want to describe men’s courtship moves in limited words then those words are “apparent, aggressive, risky and tactless”. Largely, men’s courtship cannot be described well apart of these words. The very strong reason behind the same is the hormone that makes men (to appear) more open, clear, loud, obvious and straightforward - Testosterone.

Testosterone makes men (physically) aggressive, competitive and protective. It is the hormone that secretes in a large amount in grown-up men's body, 20 times more than that of women. (According to some studies, level of testosterone skyrockets in women many times in bursts throughout a month, as compared to steady secretion of the same in men.)

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Man makes courtship moves overtly which are easily detectable, crystal clear, vigorous and louder. Most of the moves are strongly related to showing off his masculinity, physical prowess and social status. His moves also include warning other men, keeping them away from competition and urge of acceptance by the woman of his interest.

Most men's needs from women are very few and limited but most women's expectations from men are many and diverse. That's why most clueless men feel very troubled, puzzled, confused, frustrated, sad and depressed about women's preferences, orientations, biases and choices while choosing a male partner for a long haul.

According to most of the men, most of the women get attracted towards men's higher social status, possessions, position, money, affordability, muscularity, physical power and protective capabilities only so most men flaunt, exhibit, talk about and show them off.

Anxiety of not being accepted by the woman and getting ridiculed by others for the same lingers into his mind. Rejection, embarrassment and abandoning by a woman is very hard to face, accept and overcome by most of the men.

Unlike most of the women, the men attracted towards their desired women given clear indications through their overall body language. They're so clear that even a layman can quickly understand them.

Following are a few of the man's courtship patterns and moves, which short and catchy titles, that are very common:

Target Tracker: Compared to woman’s short darting glances, man looks directly at woman he likes or feels more attractive. In social situations, most women find this kind of look very offensive and might retaliate it with obscure temper. He would smile subtly as regular interactions start taking place and his attraction soars.

He would exploit every opportunity of looking directly at her or he would discover different opportunities by spending time, employing rapport, money, and energy or even taking unimaginable risks.

Good Looker: He starts moving fingers through his hair to straight them even if they are not messed or combs them often. He starts clearing actual or imaginary dust fallen on his cloths, adjusting his necktie to make it look neat, pull his shirt towards abdomen to fade away wrinkles, and stretch handcuffs.

He would stand straight, pull his belly inside, appear self-controlling and walk more carefully. He would try to exhibit that he follows and has good manners, habits and etiquette.

Impulse Soother: He crosses his arms over his chest while standing, seating or walking with women he likes. He unconsciously tries to control and soothe the pulsating pull towards her. He nervously looks at her, looks downwards, looks away and smiles faintly.

He might not maintain a direct eye contact with her while standing closer to her. When he talks with her, he would put a smile on his face.

Impression Maker: He puts his palms in pockets of trouser or jacket while interacting with her for most of the time. His gestures become more out of control and erratic as if he is trying to vent off his anxiety of not being much impressive in her eyes.

He might stumble upon words and breath rapidly. His heart might start pounding and blood pressure might rise. He might sweat a little and (try to) wipe it away.

Forward Mover: He starts pointing by one of his legs in the direction she is standing or sitting at the moment. He unconsciously starts advancing towards her in public or private. It’s a solid sign of showing off his desire to go ahead with a relationship with the woman.

He would capitalized every opportunity to get closer and enter into her personal zone for chatting or discussing about something.

Huge Protector: He rests his (both) hands on his hips to pretend enlarged body than the actual. This is typical posture he adapts to assure woman that he is able to cover and protect her. Hair on the back of his neck would rise like the mane of a lion.

Hands on hips is a warning signal of staying away from her too. He darts at other men while putting hands on hips or fixates his gaze on his actual rival.

Muscle Mover: He flaunts his muscular built in front of the woman whenever he gets an opportunity, mostly in private. He would wear tighter clothes, t-shirts or tank tops so that his strong muscular arms and puffed chest can be easily watched by her.

He would (attempt to) lift, drag or handle heavier objects or entwine fingers of both hands and thrust hands forward and away from torso. He would wrestle or tussle with other men or sporty hit them. He would look at his torso at one moment and look at her at next frequently.

Daunting Dominator: He starts to dominate his male friends, sub-ordinates or colleges in front of her. He would make joke or fun of them as he gets opportunity or finds their flaws. He would pat on or stand behind their back, rest his hands on their shoulders or put his entire body weight on them.

He starts questioning about them and their abilities even if it sounds illogical, irritating, untimely, offensive and unnecessary. He would blow horn by his own about his own physical, intellectual, technical, artistic and social skills, expertise and achievements.

Nice Nurturer: On the other hand, he would remain very polite, gentle and protective towards her. He would appreciate her look and clothing. He would ask her if somebody and something is causing problem, trouble and nuisance for her. He would offer her costly (surprise) gifts and ask her for having ride, drink or food together.

Also, he would actively share his possessions, goals and ambitions with her as if both of them would get benefited from them. He would ask her about her own feelings and opinions about the same too.

Status Swagger: He proudly flaunts his (latest) accomplishments and achievements by announcing, exhibiting, displaying or showing them off publicly (and without thanking anybody about the same genuinely). He would assert his capabilities, competitiveness, victories, successes, socio-economical status and possessions if any (without giving the due credits to anybody despite of facts).

Like kings or emperors, he would ask or order somebody to describe him in better words (so that others could appreciate him). He would confidently parade with trophies, badges, medals, gadgets or devices held in his hands or put on body.

Possessive Poser: When he finds or assumes that other man is showing an active interest in the same woman he likes, he would become aggressive and start openly exhibiting his possessiveness towards her. He stands putting his one or both hands on his hips and one of his legs pointing towards her.

By the way, the man frequently adapting this posture in front of her in public or private can have (sexually) jealous, aggressive, controlling and dominative feelings and intentions towards her.

Rival Hunter: He glares at other men interacting with or approaching her. He hurriedly rushes to her and tries to derogate other men by verbal, muscular abilities. He tries to separate her from other men or draws her attention at himself deliberately.

He would try to embarrass, insult, irritate, derogate, man handle and drive away other men in illogical, irritating, aggressive, offensive, harmful or arrogant ways.

Glancing Dancer: He would dance in front of her or at place that is easily observable by her. Rather than performing solitary, he would compete with other men with his stamina and different kind of moves. Like showing off his muscular power, he would look at himself and look at her in repetition.

He would amplify his tempo, try unusual/risky movements or exaggerate his movements if she’s watching him with interest.

Rough Rider: He would show, exhibit and put on display his horse, bike and car or a whole collection of same to her. He would purposefully manage to draw her attention to his bike riding and car driving skills, stunts, long journeys, adventures and achievements. He would show some risky riding and driving moves with expectations of her admiration.

He would approach her on a bike or in a car and would ask her if she needs to reach somewhere. He would tell her that he would drop her at the destination very quickly. He would openly or indirectly ask or suggest her for accompanying him all alone on a long ride, away from people and crowd.

By the way, if a man shows a great amount of interest in a woman with only physical (short-term) goals and ambitions in his mind then he would send nonverbal clues to arouse and allure her (sexually) to walk in his trap. His nonverbal behavior, expressions, displays and signals would be purely attention seeking, targeted, inviting, orchestrated, up close, impatient, imposing, intimate and revealing.

While observing mentioned nonverbal patterns, please ensure that many of them prevail frequently, together or one-after-another during interactions over a considerable period of time. Otherwise, mere attraction or 'fishing' would be mistaken as courtship.

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