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April 17, 2011

Woman's Courtship Body Language (Part 1)

Since known the time in history of humanity, thousands of poets, painters, singers, writers, musicians, craftsmen and sculpturers have been portraying, praising and worshiping the vibrant image of woman and her fertility, elegance, liveliness, charisma and splendor by employing intellect, creativity, imaginations and emotions at their best. Folklore, legends, creation myths and cultures are meaningless and incomplete without her. Kings and emperors have fought wars over her physical beauty and lost their women, lives, kingdoms and empires.

Her unique characteristics, skills and qualities separate her from men. Beauty, cuteness, resilience, resourcefulness, adaptability and naturality can be easily equated to a woman. The entire world is worthless without her warmth, tenderness, affection, empathy, caring nature, managerial qualities and a wide spectrum of the social skills. Also, she is the key driving force of human evolution because her choice in form of a male partner eventually contributes to the gene pool.

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In comparison to a man, a woman makes her choices more carefully, consciously and with lots of patience. If she's genuinely, voluntarily and seriously interested in a man for a long term, a romantic and a committed relationship, she tries to collect every possible clue, hint or signal from the man of her interest to judge, examine and access his overall character, existing and past relationships with other women, current availability, will of commitment, intellect, occupation, income, confidence, social status, inheritance, personal (and family) history, possessions, resourcefulness, potentials, strengths and weaknesses.

Conventionally, it’s the man who makes first move towards woman as he thinks. It's totally wrong at most of times. Surprisingly, it’s the woman who takes initiatives for drawing his attention and bringing him into game of courtship. By default, men are nonverbally dumb and woman has a wider range of nonverbal signals and clues in her arsenal to encourage him to take the first step. Without exceptional circumstance and conditions, she doesn't want to openly and verbally declare that she's attracted towards a man.

There are more than fifty behavioral patterns, moves, clues, displays and signals that have been systematically observed and documented during women's courtship many cultures, classes, ethnicity and societies.

Unlike most of the men, most women attracted towards their desired men give sutble indications through their overall body language. They're so subtle that most men can't quickly understand them.

Following re a few of them, which short and catchy titles, that are very common:

Room Scanner: This is very primitive signal woman gives out on finding an attractive man. She doesn't look directly at him but she rolls her eyes as if running her vision across the room or hall he is present in. Her enlarged angle of vision allows her to do so. She can observe somebody without being noticed by others.

On the other hand, man’s contracted or small 'archer' angle of peripheral vision compels him to look directly at somebody or something.

Advancing Eve: Like man points his leg(s) at woman he finds more attractive or appealing, she points by her leg(s) towards the man she wants to move towards. Even if the man is not looking at her feet directly, his narrow peripheral vision might pick this move.

If she is in a seating position, she puts one leg on another which points at him. She wouldn't keep both of her legs tightly clasped with each other.

Sideway Glancer: When she’s standing or seating in front of, near or next to him; she doesn't look directly at him but along side. When he finds her watching him, she immediately diverts gaze in the other direction as if she didn’t watch him at all.

She repeats the side way glancing until he pays attention at her. Side way glace is one of the great solicitations that he can’t resist.

Giggling Gossiper: If she’s standing or seating nearby, next or in front of him then she tries to make herself heard by him. If she’s having her friends or familiar persons around, she brings up any topic and strikes conversion with them for no obvious reasons.

She makes strange and vivacious facials expressions and pronounces words crisply and with high pitch. She makes a lot of hand gestures, illustrations and vocal modulations. She giggles a lot and looks at him and away repeatedly.

Signalling Senorita: If he’s standing, sitting or walking in front of her, she waves palms at him subtly or overtly to draw his attention. Also, she suddenly starts gesturing with her palms that are kept facing at him.

When he looks at her purposefully or accidentally, she would suddenly stop waving and touches her face, hair and clothes as if she didn't attracted his attention at all.

Graceful Groomer: She tries to look and act attractive i. e. good looking while he is in front of her or around. When he looks at her purposefully or accidentally, she checks her hair, outfits, purse and accessories.

If they are messed up, untidy or wrinkled, she touches and grooms them very gently and dramatically. Grooming takes place irrespective of what she is wearing at the moment i. e. ethnic, modern, formal or casual costumes.

Shy Smiler: A smile has immense power to help in winning somebody’s favor and building a strong rapport instantaneously. When girl gets really attracted to a man, she shows it off by a coy (shy) smile.

Mostly, only her upper teeth are exposed with a slightly elongated gaze at him. Coy smile is hard to mimic and it is a sure sign of her genuine interest in him. Coy smile is a sign of innocence.

Hairy Fairy: Hair are health and fertility indicators. Long, wavy and shining hair have amazing power to win a man’s attention. She would untie her hair and let them free. smoothly touches and runs her fingers though hair to straighten them up.

She gently moves them away from her face and eyes while confronting with him. She will repetitively entwine and release her fingers or play with their ends to show how silky and soft hair are.

Smile Suppressor: Mostly, it’s the woman who smiles a lot during the courtship. Not just the physical beauty and appearance but liveliness, funny side, exuberance and lightheartedness bring a great advantage for her. However, she tries to conceal or cover her smile in front of him in public.

She grabs and holds (whatever she finds suitable) in front of her mouth. She bites her lips, bites fingers or presses lips on each other tightly. She looks down to break an eye contact with him.

Forward Pusher: If a man approaches and starts talking with her while she's sitting or standing, she leans forward and toward him. She shows an active interest in listening to him, reciprocating and sharing things. She lowers her gaze and smile benevolently.

She would keep her belongings close to or in front of him as if she feels safe and confident in or due to his presence. She starts closing the distance.

Attention Attractor: An elongated eye contact can drive the man crazy and make him spin on his toes. When his looks at her, she tries to draw his attention at her eyes and lips (with lipstick applied to them). She would run her tongue on her lips. She touches her face near the eyebrows, her chicks and fixes gaze on him with faint smile on face.

She would (constantly, extensively and intensively) maintain her visual attention by on him by hovering her eyes all over his face to check his responses, reactions and expressions.

Baby Cuddler: If she's in front of or around her man, she would grab and bring his attention towards babies by talking about them and/or bringing up topics related with them. By doing so, she would check his reactions to check his interest, affection and protective feeling towards babies and children.

If she can find a baby close to her, she should pick it, play with it, embrace it, kiss it, run fingers in its hair, pamper it and cuddle it. She would try to bring his attention towards the baby. She would look at the baby and then at her man with a faint smile on her face.

By the way, if a woman shows a great amount of interest in a man with only physical, economical, strategic, political and materialistic (short-term) goals and ambitions in her mind then she would send nonverbal clues to arouse and allure him (sexually) to walk in her trap. Her nonverbal behavior, expressions, displays and signals would be purely attention seeking, targeted, inviting, orchestrated, up close, impatient, seductive, imposing, intimate and revealing.

While observing mentioned nonverbal patterns, please ensure that many of them prevail frequently, together or one-after-another during interactions over a considerable period of time. Otherwise, mere attraction or 'fishing' would be mistaken as courtship.

Don't forget to read about the remaining ones in next article - Woman's Courtship Body Language (Part 2).

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