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Primary Attraction

When it comes to courtship, attraction is the point from where it all kick-starts and firing up. Getting attracted towards member of the opposite gender means unconsciously or involuntarily noticing and paying extra/special attention to physical, aesthetic and personality attributes with pleasure and spontaneity. Getting attracted is inviting others attention too. It’s way of making others to re-direct their attention towards ourselves.
Eyes tell everything to each other.
When we find something interesting and attention worthy, our facial framework goes through dramatic makeover in no time. Facial muscles get stretched to remove wrinkles, eyebrows are slightly raised, eyelids are considerably elevated and faint smile lingers. Off course, attraction has most to do with eyes since they receive visual clues and express interest clearly.

If we are looking are at is more appealing then our pupils get dilated enormously within milliseconds and stay so for 2-3 seconds. It’s most powerful precursor to attraction. That's why looking or making others to look into eyes is crux of courtship.

Moreover, our torso starts pointing towards the person we feel attractive. If we wear glasses, we slightly adjust them. We turn our face towards it. We capitalize every opportunity to look at the person. We appear more open for listening, responding and appreciating.

Attracting someone's attention has to do with looking differently than others because its hardwired in our brains to pay attention to things which appear different than that are typical or what we routinely observe. Primary attraction is mostly subjected to appearance and physical form at initial stage of courtship.
According to most of the men, most of the women get attracted towards men's higher social status, possessions, position, money, affordability, fertility, physical power and protective capabilities only so most men flaunt, exhibit, talks about and show them off.
Most men's expectations from women are very few but most women's expectations from men are very high. That's why most men get very confused, frustrated and depressed about women's preferences and choices while choosing a partner for a long haul.
Especially in the modern, liberal, civilized and industrialized world in which women can make get educated and money on their own; women get attracted towards, impressed by, get weak in their knees over and prefer men with many diverse qualities, aptitudes, capabilities, powers, skills, talents, strengths, potentials, goals, ambitions and achievements.
It includes creativity, strategic strength, aesthetic endowments, athletic abilities, sportive nature, social rapport, intellectual reasoning, organizational superiority, tactical competitiveness, technical aptitude, scientific knowledge, poetic mind, artistic achievements, culinary skills, comic timing, verbal mastery, oratory talents and nurturing nature.

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