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July 27, 2013

Know Who is Attracted to You

At some point, everybody wants to know if members of the opposite sex are interested in them or not. Be it male or female, everyone would like to know if someone else is attracted to them. It may not necessarily be to take things forward in a romantic direction but just to know and acknowledge and soak in the good feeling of knowing that you are in demand! I personally am flattered when I receive any Indicators of Interest from the opposite sex, I don’t know about you!

Indicators of Interest: Aren't they easy to understand?

Notice I used a relatively new term: Indicator of Interest. In this case, the interest we are talking about is attraction. The way I look at it, I can tell you the small gestures and subtle indications, but chances are, we will miss them because we were too caught up interacting and thinking about what to say to notice that. Also, I believe in keeping it simple. Therefore, I am going to tell you about two simple indicators for finding out if someone is attracted to you.

What level of attraction are we talking about here? Yes, there may be degrees, very “interested” may mean something else as compared to simply intrigued. You need to go with your gut. The information provided is for moderate interest, where the man or woman would want to get to know you better and you have definitely sparked their interest.

Here it goes:

1) Eyes: It is not a cliche when we say that our eyes are the window to our soul. The first thing you would do if someone you like is around you, is that you would want to look at them. Their presence would make you think of them and that thought makes you look. It happens very unconsciously. Seriously, sometimes people don’t realize how obvious just a simple look is.

If you begin to pick this up, you will see and recognize the difference between someone looking because they are interested and someone just looking around. If someone is looking at you repeatedly, they’re probably very interested, give them a broad confident smile and see what happens!

I call it the dance of the eyes between two people who are interested but not forward enough yet to make a concrete move. Another concept is mutual gaze. Imagine someone close to you looks at you, you look back and take their image in for a while. However, if it is a new person, you avert your eyes faster.

This is because eye contact has a large comfort element attached to it and you will notice that those that are comfortable around each other hold each other’s gaze for a longer time. Look for that and if you find this happening with someone, know that both of you are comfortable with each other’s presence

2) Body Position: Again, what I am telling you about are subconscious signals of interest, which means that those who transmit them are most often not even aware that they are doing it! When somebody is intrigued by them, their body position is going to be effected by yours’. It may not be as direct as someone facing you square, because that would be too obvious.

Here, one needs to look for the subtle. Here is my secret: look where the feet are facing, it is symbolic of where either party intends to move. If you look for this, every now and then you will see that someone is sitting in quite an unnatural position with regard to the rest of the group and they have oriented their body towards a certain person they are interested it.

As a parting note, I will remind you that the major reason people don’t realize someone is attracted to them is because they don’t think that someone would be. It’s so odd, we are a very groovy species and we flaunt and notice more than you think, just tap into your experiences. If you feel someone is into you, believe it! You intuition is a result of millions and millions of years of evolution; you are a perfected machine, that has stood the test of evolutionary time! Do not second guess yourself and most of all have fun!

Mr. Shivam Nemani
The writer is a Body Language Researcher and a Trainer, currently living in Mumbai (India).

His blog URL is

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