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June 23, 2011

Smell of Love

Fragrance of fresh flowers or ripening fruits, aroma of delicious food or hot coffee, scent of soil after first shower or burning incense sticksall alluring and mesmerizing. Their unique smell draws our attention towards them in no time, even if we can’t see, touch or taste those things immediately. We can instantly judge quality, freshness and even taste by just smelling them.

Quite unclear to understand but we all follow our noses. Smell is so special for our sensory experience that it unconsciously regulates our mood. More surprisingly, it rules over our love life too. Wondering why?

Each one of us has unique smell even though we can’t whiff it easily. As like finger print, you may also call it as smell print. More specifically, it is called as pheromone. Pheromones work by two ways in our intimate life - first for connecting with persons that are close to us and other for finding - retaining romantic partners and reproduction.

Body smell has links with our genes and heredity. In very close blood relationship, body smell of one person is almost identical with other. This amazing natural gift creates enduring bond among family members.

Newborn child feels easy and comfortable in presence of her mother around. You experience warmth and closeness when you gave hug to your parents. Your affection soars when you cuddle your child in arms. It’s very common experience for most of us.

Someone passes by and you suddenly feel strange pull towards the person with no clear  clues. Person we meet and interact with casually, one day knocks on your heart. On the other hand, two persons can’t think about shifting informal relation into romantic stir even seemingly attracted towards each other and observing strong solicitation, smiles and signaling from either side. Beyond physical look, does body smell control our love life?

Body smell attracts opposite genders towards each other but conditionally. Courtship and company is vital in everybody’s life so equally crucial is the match between both partners best possible. Breeding between members of close blood relation leads to deformations and disorders in child. Male and female of dissimilar genes can give birth to more healthy children. 

That’s why body smell of person belonging to dissimilar genetic profile appeals the most and lingers. Most people would confess that he/she didn’t smell right or not at all to them. Partners with dissimilar MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex) are likely to stay together longer.

Unfortunately, most of us mistake natural body smell as an odor. Body smell represents overall health, physiological equilibrium, reproductive potential and vitality. It might alter with passing age, hormonal change, fat gain-loss, medication, diseases, diet and other habits. 

Today, we are spoiling this natural gift by moving into an ultra-hygienic state. Soaps with strong (hazardous) chemicals, shampoos, bleaches, deodorants, artificial perfumes - sprays, synthetic fabrics, and hot showers diminish natural smell of body thus misguiding our minds on way of finding and retaining true love.

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