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February 12, 2011

Like attracts Like

In daily life, most of us would prefer to situations or conditions which are favorable and parallel with our best interests. Very few of us willfully struggle with adverse and anomalous things on constantly basis. It’s natural tendency to gravitate in safer environments and circumstances as soon as possible because we have to spend less energy and labors.

We unconsciously try to multiply survival opportunities by doing same. Small variations are unconsciously perceived as nuisance or an immediate threat to our existence. Same rule applies to the persons we try to attract or get attracted to at an unconscious level.

Generally, we tend to avoid differences and so persons who are difficult to handle or easily co-relate with. We feel comfortable to connect and interact with others having similar kind of behavior, habit, communication patterns, beliefs, ideas, ideologies and interests irrespective of geography, language, gender, race, and ethnicity they belong to. Even though we may get attracted to or influenced by persons of dissimilar nature, it's a short lasting tenure most of time.

Take an example of healthy partnership or deep friendship. These relationships survive and flourish when peers have quite similar personality traits, feelings, and dispositions (though having different skill sets, levels of energy, and competencies) or they consciously manage to match or complement with each other. Happy marriages or romantic relations walk on same way.

This is quite evident in outside world that two persons with similar natures or psychological characters get attracted towards each other and stay together over a long time - let them be enthusiastic, depressed, unhappy, socially outgoing, jealous, confident, adventurous, charismatic, submissive or even pathetic.

Similarities offer two person greater advantage in most situations and over a long time. We wants to stay with people with alike nature because we've to spend less time and energy to match or compromise with unconscious survival plans that are different than our own.

When it comes to self-esteem or body image, law of attraction works even stronger than usual. A person perceiving itself as less attractive or appealing (despite of what others think about him/her) remain more comfortable over a long time with others with negative body image and vice a verse.

Promisingly, change in mindset or the communication pattern can change kind of union you could stay in. So it’s your own choice to attract or get attracted towards the kind of people who resonate with your true nature and emotional character.

When two or many like minded persons are attracted to each other then subconsciously mimicking, copying each other's body language or synchronizing body movements can alo be clearly seen. It's one of the most magical phenomena in body language.

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