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February 20, 2011

Conscious shift in body language

Modern generations are becoming more and more dependent upon verbal and written modes of communication. Most of us can’t cross words and catch what is really being exchanged under their cover. Moreover, we are lacking attention we should pay while interacting with others and bring clarity in it.

Electronic gadgetry is becoming more famous day by day but some of you might have heard about recent inventions of mind reading devices. However, it’s not surprising that each of us has such built-in mind reading device; it's our subconscious mind itself.

Our subconscious mind continuously investigates world around us. It’s the system which evolved to protect ourselves from all possible dangers, challenges and threats to our very existence. Not only threats are predominantly examined but opportunities that increase the chances of our survival are also exploited. Communication is the one way we try to achieve it.

Effective communication is not only letting other know about our thoughts, ideas, perceptions, threats and feelings but understanding them more accurately. Well we communicate, worthy it becomes for survival.

Human brain’s large size compared to primates is what separated us from them on the path of evolution. Human evolution was not only driven by course of nature but by the steps our ancestors took towards development.

Most of us think that knowing about body language is like getting an access into others' subconscious mind but that’s not the sole purpose of it at all. More you know about yourself, better you could communicate with others and avoid the circumstances or situations you don’t want. For the same, we need to monitor our thoughts consciously and let them express more effectively so they manifest the way we want. 

We need to take initiatives ourselves to improvise the patterns of communication, let them be nonverbal or verbal both. Physical exercise empowers, improves immunity, adds energy, and brings liveliness and self-worth. Same way, shifting body language also affects the way others perceive you and respond.

Standing and parading confidently shifts hormonal secretion as well and brings sense of self-control or using gestures reasonably makes conversations interesting or friendly gaze and smile makes other feel better about you for example.

Let’s take an example of one of the etiquette we all follow in social life. We greet others on our own to let them feel comfortable and friendliness with us and we get alike response in return.

Watch this interesting TED presentation delivered by Dr. Amy Cuddy about dramatic hormonal secretion after conscious shift in body language.

Our actions and reactions have brought what we are currently and would possibly be in future. Each of us has potential to revolutionize life and we got to believe it.

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