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January 02, 2011

Let your spirit soar higher

Even though we don’t pay much conscious attention, body language definitely speaks louder than words. This phenomenon is exactly like looking at illuminated bulb without being able to touch, taste or smell an electricity. Body language is the dialect of the subconscious mind. It’s the true and fundamental universal language which none of the living biological creatures can communicate without.

How you dress, walk, move, stand, maintain interpersonal distance, lean, orient, seat, postulate, gesticulate, touch, pronounce words, glance, gaze and express facially helps building your image in minds of others and the same image is reflected through their behavior or treatment for you.

In personal, social or professional life, positive attitude is the most important. Positivity always attracts positivity. Simply, it’s a law of nature. You treat others in positive, respectful and harmonious way; you get same kind of treatment in return. Take an example of a smile. When you smile impulsively or intentionally, it makes others smile and helps soothe tense environment.

Having the positive attitude means to be open, humble, confident, comfortable, favorable, approachable, welcoming, showing interest, respecting, complementing and persuading towards others in an appropriate way without intrusion, manipulation, intimidation and domination.

Moreover, showing positive attitude is not the salesman’s domain. It’s not at all about making smiley face, sharing funny jokes and trying to make everyone feel happy all the time. Reasonable and constructive defense is also required whenever necessary.

If you closely observe all great, respected and most loved leaders and individuals who influence our minds, thoughts and lives ultimately then you may find how their positive thoughts, attitude, energy and spirit manifest both verbally and nonverbally.

Developing, possessing and expressing positive attitude is simple but only when you are mentally prepared for same. It’s very crucial to look at yourself exactly the way you want to get treated by others. For the same, you need to believe in yourself and need to be confident. Most people would assume about you what exactly want you let them to assume.

Not comparing yourself at all with others, valuing your existence, not underestimating strengths, finding a purpose in life, identifying your virtues - skills - competencies, remaining determined - focused - goal oriented and respecting diversity would bring emotional stability, peace of mind, harmony and cognitive precision.

More you feel better about yourself; more you become healthy, immune and charming. Don’t curb your ultimate potentials, don’t put down your spirit and let it soar higher. Let it be promise to yourself for lifetime. Let each venture make you feel more and more fulfilling with positive attitude towards yourself other.

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