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What we seek in partner?

Today’s world is technologically advanced, materially sophisticated and financially liberated. We all are witnessing big alterations and changes at personal, social level and also in relationships that we feel and value as an intimate and essential for lifetime.

Classical roles and responsibilities of two genders are being blended seamlessly or even interchanged but traditionalism still appeals to modern generation when it comes to finding a long term partner. A latest survey done on 10,000 candidates says so.

Even though men and women share some common traits and qualities, some dissimilar and distinct aspects complement both of them. Two person of different genders are drawn towards each other on the basis of how they express their innate qualities, strengths and virtues apart of plain physical appearance. In fact, we call those distinct features as natural gift or ornaments of that particular gender.

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Some of us might have heard that even highly paid women in world prefer male partners with income and economical status higher than themselves. It's very clear that women sick security and commitment in relationship for obvious reasons.

They look for men who can protect them and who are intelligent, confident, enduring, achiever, resourceful, courageous, kind and socially recognized.

Just imagine ancient hunter-gatherer who brings food for her woman by braving his life in jungles and valleys, who fights for her in danger and dignifies her in the tribal group. Women want real warrior - performer that every man wants (and flaunts) to be.

On the opposite side, men prefer women who have qualities like fun-loving, lightheartedness, tenderness, care-taking, nurturing, preserving, patience, socializing, co-operating, communicating and cheerful that directly complements with their qualities.

They look for women with more feminine (more specifically childlike) features that hidden father inside him wants to protect, take care of and cherish.

Men with higher level of testosterone secreting inside their bodies and prone to take physical risks, choose to remain adventurous and get attracted towards women who look and act like a juvenile.

Evolutionary purpose behind this kind of attraction is simple - men with more protective abilities and resourcefulness should be able to protect women who are more like an infant.

Though today's women perform most task with confidence and independence, they unconsciously want somebody take care of them. Baby face effect rules on most of women's population.

Lighthearted, playful, smiling - giggling, shy and supportive woman is the dream of many men. Also, it has been found that women with more amount of estrogen and progesterone secreting inside their bodies tend to display more infantile features.

All these complementary gender specific qualities, traits and their nonverbal expressions points to sole purpose - to form strong bond and start a family. Despite of world-apart differences, both men and women have evolved psycho-biologically for passing genes to next generation.

Success of both genders principally lies in passing (healthy) genes to next generation and help each other to achieve same.However, creating a better society is far greater goal in front of both genders.

Almost unconsciously, member of one gender flirts and courts with person of opposite gender by giving away the qualities that other gender is naturally drawn to.

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