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By just looking at hands and eyes

Recently, I got an opportunity to watch program "One Man Army" on Discovery Channel. Four men from different divisions of security forces participated in the competition. There are three different rounds; first two were elimination rounds. In final round, only two participants compete for $10,000 prize and the title.

There were four participants representing their different divisions. Some of them were retired personals. Rigorous and very special training make them the specialists that any nation and its civilians could rely on for security. The participant who won the competition was from one of the most elite security troops on the earth.

He shared very crucial clue they look for any offensive move in super-critical operational conditions. By just looking at hands and eyes, they have to determine whether the person is attacker or an innocent within fraction of seconds. If any person carrying a weapon and ready to attack, its gaze and hands always work together. Entire body needs to orient itself towards the target. Eyes scales distance and movement whereas hands are kept ready to shoot.

Also, tiniest movement can differentiate between intention of attack or retreat. Every moment is crucial for survival of soldiers and hostages both.

Ability to read and act up on clues rapidly is crucial.
Without indiscriminate firing or sharpshooting from a safe distance, specials troops are responsible in rescuing civilians or hostages with minimum causalities. They have to keep close watch on nonverbal clues from possible attackers. Co-ordination and communication among team members also takes place very silently through symbolic hand and facial gestures in parameter area. More they could remain covert, lesser opportunities attackers get to harm them. Element of surprise is heart of guerrilla warfare.

Carrying sophisticated weaponry and state of art communication equipment doesn't give the cutting edge which is required to win a battle. Close combats throws any soldier on edge of survivability by snap judgements and actions. Success of every special operation depends upon intelligence and vigilance only.
Minimum causalities and maximum surrenders
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