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Child inside us

Early childhood brings challenges and opportunities that we've to tackle with the help of our parents and care-takers. We all display different kinds of expressions that let the other know about discomfort, anxieties, fear, liking, comfort and joy. After growing older, basic patterns of expressions remain almost same. Little modifications, suggestions, learning and real world experience makes adults appear or behave differently. Moreover, we learn verbal languages for communicating with mass. Also, we try to hide or even fake expressions for own interest.

Look at following pictures and find how children and adult match their facial expressions. These are few examples but actually there are many more.
Oh! Look at that. (Alertness)
Yak, i don't like it. (Disgust)
Do you hear that? (Spatial focus)
I'm ready for photo. (Attention seeking)
When this all going to end? (Boredom)
Can you help me out of this? (Sadness)
What's that? (Surprise)
What a stressful life is? (Self-soothing)
You are not listening to me. (Grieving)
Everything is not right. (Out crying)
Hey, nice to talk to you. (Cheerfulness)
It's really funny...I like it! (Amusement)
So horrible (Fear)
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