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August 28, 2011

Job Interview Tips

Encountering with stranger or visiting new location at first time leads to some degree of anxiety so dose appearing for an interview. Despite of capabilities, experience and knowledge; we feel somehow uncomfortable simply because of location we would be interviewed at, kind of people we would confront and corresponding codes of conduct are not much known.

It’s the only the matter of time when interviewers form a firm opinion, a solid impression or a due judgement about you. It might happen right after some moments of conversation with you or in the end of the interview.

Keeping apart anxiety and nervousness, you can multiply opportunity of recruitment by proving yourself more compatible and self-controlling in the eyes of interviewers.

Here are some handy tips that you could follow very easily to improve your effectiveness.

1) Dress in formal and proper way. Match it with industrial norms you are going to work in. Choose fabric that suit you and help to feel comfortable.

2) Time’s the crucial part so make to it. Don’t make interviewers waiting for you.

3) Make acquaintance with other candidates facing interview. It will let you feel less tense. Avoid undue gossiping and whispering with them. Better engage in positive discussion. Try to get information about company and work you are supposed to do.

4) Wait for your turn with patience and stay calm. Try to know about the place. Read the documents you carry or read newspapers or magazines made available to you.

5) On facing interviewers, flash a smile. It will work like an ice breaker. Engage in hand shake if it is custom. Don't try to draw undue attention to yourself.

6) Never sit until interviewers ask you to. Adapt comfortable posture while you sit. Make less body movements and wobbles. Avoid fidgeting, jiggling or tapping. Avoid undue revolving the chair. Pay attention at your feet so that they don’t touch the others’.

7) Introduce yourself to them in polite tone of voice. Avoid gesturing as much as possible at this stage. Provide documents only when asked otherwise it would lead to distraction.

8) Make proper eye with contact with interviewers. Avoid sudden look away or crossing of arms over your chest. Avoid touching your face, neck or ears and running fingers through hairs. Avoid evaluating posture and signs of suspicion or boredom.

9) Make head nods when you understand questions and try lean a little bit forward while answering. If you can’t listen question clearly then ask them to repeat it with pardon. Don’t bother to repeat your answer too.

10) Remain open and mentally present in interview. More you stay focused less will be mistakes and miscommunication. Exhibit confidence and not arrogance.

11) When interview concludes, thank to the interviewers with smile. Take formal permission of leaving. Collect everything you brought at meeting place.

12) Avoid sharing your experiences with remaining candidates if you think it was a failure.

Remember that people take whatever you try to exhibit or hide in front of them and not the knowledge, abilities and experience you may have. It’s for sure that different work environments demand different things from us but some fundamentals remain same.

After all, any organization looks for basic qualities, social skills and behavioral aptitude in you perhaps more than the technical and business know-how.

Expressing confidence but staying polite at the same time is the greatest body language challenge for any candidate.

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  1. It is really important for the interviewee to calm and confident always during the interview. Mostly those who are confident ware most likely the one who handle the job interview successfully.

  2. Another huge tip I have learnt is to listen and to not interrupt the person asking the questions!


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