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October 02, 2011

My career saving lie detection

How one could easily escape from an alluring and impressive lie? This is article is entirely based on a true story of my friend Sam (original name changed) and myself. It’s a story about detecting a great lie and eventually leading me to move forward in area of lie detection.

I could escape an alluring lie only because I could sense something that would have affected (atleast for a brief amount of time) and even ruined my entire professional career and reputation. Unfortunately, Sam learned a good lesson only after risking his own career for a brief amount of time.

In 2008, Sam joined a small company that was dealing with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation. Good salary, allowances and ample facilities brought the sense of stability in his life. He could then think of getting married and settle after a long running struggle to get a promising job.

One day, the company published an advertisement about vacancies in local newspapers. At that time, I was too struggling to find a suitable job. Since I had good experience of working with same technologies which company was looking candidates for, I requested Sam to forward my resume to company’s HR Department.

Next day, I received an e-mail about fixing an appointment for an interview. Surprisingly, I was given a choice to meet as per own convenience, including both time and place. I though that it was company’s best policy to take candidate’s comfort into account. After listening to Sam appreciating his new job profile, I was on cloud nine.

At the day of interview, two interviewers from same company came to pick me up. Luxurious car, sophisticated manners and friendly introduction was enough to take hold of an innocent mind. After traveling few meters only, we finally arrived at a famous cafe.

Interviewers introduced themselves as co-founders of company and politely asked me to order whatever I like. Finally, three cups of coffee were ordered. I was totally impressed by this gesture. After emptying cups, the formal interview started.

Next day, Sam called me and asked how interview went and what was my impression about the company. I clearly told him that I was not having positive opinion about the offer. Sam claimed that I was not going to have any better opportunity than what his company was offering. At end of call, I given him clues about discreditably of company’s survival plans that Sam laughed off about.

No communication took place between both us for next six months other than how about emails and Facebook chats. Sam was deployed in Middle East to train new clients and I got good job opportunity in a multinational property management software development company in Pune, India. My decision to join the company turned out to be very fruitful for my professional career.

One day, Sam called me in a very sad voice. Sam told him that he was asked to return to Pune (India) immediately and was also forced to resign with no formal clarifications. After week, the shocking news published in a local newspaper

The company ran into bankruptcy after major clients terminating their contracts on the basis of dissatisfaction, lack of coordination between support and training departments and also the failure to curb soaring implementation costs.

Escape from long queues for job interview can be deceptive.

Sam was completely startled and he was wondering how he risked his career just by an overrated impressions built up in his mind. He asked me that how I came to know that company was going to take wrong turns and meet disaster. I shared with him that exactly happened during the interview that took place six months ago.

fter answering all questions, I was given an opportunity to ask questions about company. Interviewers seemed quite satisfied and in my favor. They were in hurry to seal the deal immediately. Offer letter was pulled out and kept in my sight. I asked them about company’s plan to survive global economical recession. This was the only opportunity to assure future course of my career with this company.

The moment I asked the question, seemingly satisfied faces of interviewers turned very anxious and their overall body language shifted suddenly. Rather than answering me with comfort and confidence, both of them kept clearing their throats while speaking and looking at faces of each other, exactly like two brothers lost their way in the huge crowd. They could not make proper eye contact with me and kept their gaze hovering.

Finally, they somehow tried to convince me about an exposure to new technologies which naturally attracts every inexperienced candidate who needs to gain experience before switching to a highly paid job in a large company. Initial enthusiasm and charm in their voices was disappeared and the offer letter was put back in the file right before my eyes.

Sam was mesmerized after hearing this story and how I could know reality by reading body language of interviewers. Clearly, they were lying to me at that decisive moments but not by words. Sam realized that how crucial was to read people conveying the truth nonverbally.

Although both interviewers tried harder to convince me till the end, their overall body language gave the clear indications. In short, their own words betrayed with their body language. Didn't they?

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  1. when we are speechless that time our body-language starts speaking the truth..

  2. This is a story tells us the power of Body-language.

  3. You seized an opportunity to turn the HR interview 180 degrees and explore their emotions and motives. You are fortunate that you were able to use a holistic approach to gauge their discomfort.


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