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Blind-sight is enough to pick emotions?

What if someone says that you don’t require to looking at faces consciously (of other person) pick emotions on them? It is really possible for us and if yes then exactly how? These are the two basic questions Prof. Dr. Beatrice D. Gelder (Renowned Cognitive Neuroscientist and Neurophysiologist) and her team has conducted an elaborate experiment at Tilburg University to find answers for. What they call this amazing (or “supernatural”) ability to pick emotions without clear visual clues is as ‘blind sight’. Really interesting!
Faces with emotional expressions on them
She conducted an experiment on numerous subjects (or persons) having or suffering from blind sight - a phenomenon in which visual cortex in one hemisphere of brain gets damaged due to stroke leading to deficiency of conscious visual perception or clue collection. The team found that subjects responded unconsciously when emotionally charged faces were shown to an eye of subjects suffering from the blind sight phenomenon.
Bodies expressing different emotions
Short clip on this experiment was broadcasted in an episode “Is there a Sixth Sense?” of a famous scientist documentary series called as “Through the wormhole”. Please view this clip thoroughly to understand what she and her team tried to reveal or unearth circuits or parts inside our brain that help us to decode emotional clues on faces and bodies of others without conscious or visual perception of stimulus.

[Prof. Dr. Beatrice D. Gelder currently works in Maastricht University, The Netherlands. She once had written me an email about this site, commenting as “Very Interesting”, when she was working in Tilburg University, The Netherlands. Know more about her on Wikipedia.]

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