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In this new book, you'd be reading about a few things for the first time e. g. Acceptance Area (AA), Game of Perception, Difference between Self-confidence and Comfort, Emotional Logic, Facial Subtle Expressions, Facial Compound Expressions etc. Moreover, this book will completely shatter your firm belief about around human face or facial expressions and update you with new facts.

This new book will help you in avoiding the grave mistakes that most of the aspiring body language readers and people reading enthusiasts make and thus fail to read people accurately. There’re many factors that are ignored, avoided, overlooked and undermined that lead to misunderstanding and misreading only.

I’m quite confident that you’ll certainly feel very satisfied for spending your valuable money, time and energy on this book. This book will become your ultimate guide for navigating the vast and complicated social map which is full of diverse personalities, characters, motives and intentions at every twist and turn.

After reading this entire book, you’ll certainly realize how underinformed and misinformed you were so far. In this book, you’ll find different body language cues put together along with real-life contexts, scenarios, situations and circumstances. It’d make you smarter and socially more intelligent.

Following are what my new book's major features and qualities:

1) Although it has been targeted for Indian (primarily), South Asian or Asian audiences, it has been written to appeal to the entire global audience.

2) The language is very interactive, appealing, encouraging, engaging and humorous and not an essay or scientific journal type.

3) Unlike most other books on Body Language, it has a great amount of context rich content and various body language cues.

4) Although the first five chapters are enough, the last chapter is more than enough for readers to spend their money.

5) Although it's primarily a self-help book, it'd also be regarded as a motivational book due to the Epilogue.

6) Unlike many books, it provides a lot of examples in almost every topic for better understanding.

7) Unlike many books, the quality of the content has been raised to an international level.

You’ll be able to read and understand people with greater accuracy and depth. Due to the same, you’ll be able write the next chapters of your own precious life far more confidently, constructively and intelligently. Wouldn’t you like to do so?

Mastering the people reading skill by you will be the best before artificial systems starts interfering with, influencing and dictating your interpretations, just by analyzing people’s body language based upon only a few cues.

You’re naturally more or less intuitive in reading people face to face. It’s one of the greatest gifts from Mother Nature. Just don’t at all lose it with the passing years!

You’ll deeply realize that understanding each other accurately is the greatest ability or the most wanted super-power for living a better life with people around you.

List of Chapters and Topics to be disclosed shortly.

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