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The published knowledge, facts, and information on this site is entirely based on observations, analysis, research and reading that focus on human interactions, gestures, body movements expressions and behavior under different situations underlining their origin/evolution, purpose and implications.

It is not intended to interfere contemporary socio-economical conditions, ideology, philosophy, social beliefs, assumptions, taboos, and behavioral patterns related to genders, age groups, classes, cultures, occupational groups, regional gestures, religious symbols, sign languages, and etiquette.

Readers are kindly requested to use their discretion while interpreting published text and images.

Books and literature referred:
1) Sir Joe Navarro (Book: What Every Body is saying)
2) Allan and Barbara Pease (Book: The Definitive Guide to Body Language)
3) Daniel Goleman (Book: Emotional Intelligence)
4) Richard Conniff (Book: The Ape in the Corner Office)
5) Sir Charles Darwin (Book: The Species)
6) Dr. Paul Ekman (Book: Emotions Revealed)
7) Dr. David B. Givens (Ebook: Nonverbal Dictionary)

Dignitaries to mention: Mr. Rudraksh Vishwnath Swami (My honorable father, a mentor and a great observer), Dr. Sigmund Freud (Founder of Modern Psychoanalysis), Dr. Paul Ekman (Lead proponent of Universality of Facial Expressions), Dr. David B. Givens (Director of Center for Nonverbal Studies), Dr. Howard Gardner (Founder of Multiple Intelligence theory), Dr. David Matsumoto (Pioneer in Microexpressions), Dr. Albert Meharabian (Founder of Proxemics Science), Dr. Albert Schellen (Courtship Behavior Researcher), Dr. David Buss (Evolutionary Psychologist), Dr. Desmond Morris (Leading Biologist), Dr. Geoffrey Miller (Evolutionary Psychologist), Dr. Helen Fischer (Love Psychologist), Dr. Timothy Perper (Independent Courtship Behavior Researcher), Dr. Monica Moore (Obstetrician and Gynecologist), Dr. Devendra Singh (Researcher of Evolutionary Significance of Human Attraction), Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran (Professor of Behavioral Neurology and Psychoanalysis)Dr. Viren Swami (Professor of Social Psychology), Dr. Beatrice D. Gelder (Cognitive Neuroscientist), Prof. Dr. Amy Cuddy (Associate Professor at Harvard University), Mr. David Snyder (Licensed and Certified Hypnosis Trainer, Master Practitioner and Trainer In Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Great Contribution by Numerous documents, journals, periodicals, research papers, surveys, statistics, documentaries, short notes (in different languages), Indian Classical Dances, Real life observations, thorough analysis, interviews and image - video interpretations.

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