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Genuine Smile

Smile is really contagious. You receive smile in return from the person you smile at. But sometimes, fake smiles are also exchanged as formality or avoiding the other person letting down. It's very important to know which facial muscles are involved that makes the difference between fake and genuine smile.

A thin band of Zomgatic muscles on both side of face arising from Zygomatic bone i.e. near ears and merging into Orbicularis Oris (circular muscles around mouth) and skin of mouth corners also contracts and pulls edges of lips upwards while smiling.

When we watch genuine smile; it definite spells cast magic. Genuine, warm and friendly smile originates from bottom of heart. Telling sign of it are crinkled eyes, crow's feet in area between eyes and ears and no signs of tension on forehead. Genuine smile appears and fades away gradually. Emotional centers inside brain controls genuine smile.

Originality lasts longer like lingering fragrance of blossom. Same principle applies to expression of emotions also. Crocodile’s tears don’t last longer so does the fake smile.
One has to put lot of efforts in fake smiling; forcefully pulling back edges of lips and showing teeth by keeping eyes wide open i.e. no crinkling or crow's feet. Fake smile appears shallow and it drifts away quickly as if it is purposefully put on face.

You may find sales persons, professionals, politicians, actors and celebrities quite often putting fake smile on their faces. They are really good at it.
Which is a genuine smile? Left or right?
Can you really spot genuine smile? I think you can. Do check your personal score through this test created by BBC Science. Also watch this video by Mr. Ehsan Hoque, Ph. D. Candidate at Affective Computing Group - MIT Media Lab.

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Genius of acting

“All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women merely players:
they have their exits and their entrances;
and one man in his time plays many parts..."
- Sir William Shakespeare

Isn’t that true? Throughout life, we live upon instincts, emotions and thoughts. We are our own script writers. But some people enact our lives. For them, it’s part of passion and profession. They don’t just act; they interact with emotions at deeper level. They’ve power to shift our thinking and perceptions. They amaze, mesmerize and hypnotize.

Welcome to their wonderful and fascinating world of stage and screen. This world is where creative of minds, imaginations and life like performance interlace and work in unimaginable dimensions.

We can’t relate ourselves with billionaires, bureaucrat or financial bulls. We find ourselves quite close to performers who enact our pains, joys, dreams and despairs. Only genuine performances get standing ovation and awards because we start imagining ourselves at the place of performer.

Without such marvelous impression, movies and dramas wouldn’t have driven crowds crazy about their beloved superstars like Al Pacino, Elizabeth Taylor, Amitabh Bachchan (Star of the millennium), Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Nicole Kidman, Jackie Chan or Russell Crowe and many more. Despite of being singer, Michael Jackson surmounted popularity worldwide because of showing pain, anguish and gloom from bottom of his heart. In fact, he was the one who observed and experienced them closely.

What is being an acting performer actually? Thorough understanding and imagining natural expressions and behavior of the character brings into life. It needs detail study of human mind, ability to visualize, watching people and rehearsals. What make audience truly fascinate is synchronization of tone of voice, pronunciation, facial expression, gesture, posture and body movement. Successful performs know how convey emotions of their characters more silently. Blinking of eyes, tiniest flutter of facial muscles, gentle touch or fidgeting with objects bring transcending effect that words can't achieve.

Gone are the days when movies used to be silent – without any dialogs. We can only imagine the kind of skill and sensibility required to enact without words. Performers had to utilize their body language only and nothing else. Entire expressions and body movements needed to perfect enough to understand the character. One of the legendary actors that still rules over the heart of millions is Sir Charlie Chaplin. He became immortal on silver screen by roles played.

Off course, we cannot underestimate the combine efforts taken on script, dialogs, costume, makeup, background music, lights, set and specials effects. They dissolve in performance and still make their effect felt. They share success equally.

Being theatrical icon or movie superstar is long and tough journey. Facing camera or audience on stage is not so easy. However, once you get in tuned with true spirit, you can master your performance. In drama, everything goes live and you don’t get second chance to correct mistakes. Only committed people to this field have glorified it.

Vijay Albal (Co-author)

(Co-author of this post/article is from Pune, India. Currently, he works as quality assurance professional in an international product based software company. Apart of profession, he's active in theatrical performance, scripting and direction.)

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